Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend - Part 1

Since my Labor Day weekend is 4 days long (I took a vacation day on Friday) I decided to divide my recap posts into two posts!  Per usual there are a lot of pictures.  Enjoy!

Since I was suppose to be on vacation in Portland, OR but had to cancel I figured I still deserved to take the day off from work.  It was so nice to have the day to myself.  I woke up and FINALLY cleaned my room which meant hanging up all the clean clothes that have been on the end of my bed all.summer.long.

Once the cleaning and organizing was done it was time to head to the Wrentham Outlets.  The thing about me and the outlets is I often only go to one store.  The Loft.  It is the best with amazing sales.  The whole store was 40% off and I had a coupon for an additional 15% off.  So I bought:
-2 pairs of black tights
-3 pairs of black trouser socks
-2 short dresses
-1 long maxi dress
-1 black blazer/jacket (adorable)
-1 lightweight sweater
-2 long sleeve shirts
-1 sleeveless shirt
That is A LOT of stuff.  Do you want to know how much it all cost?  I got all of that stuff for $198.08!!!  I saved $170.36 which is almost as much as I spent.  Amazing right!?  And now you know why I only go to one store.  After spending 200 bucks I was done spending! 

After my shopping spree I went and got my haircut.  This was only my 2nd haircut since I donated it last year.  I really needed a cut.  I only got an inch taken off the length but I got a lot more layers so it looks shorter.  I like it.  It feel healthy!  (Sorry I didn't get a good picture of it right after it was done so this is later in the day after I'd been playing with Peyton but you can get the idea!)

After my haircut I went to pick Peyton us for a SLEEPOVER!  When I walked in the house Peyton was standing in the doorway with a huge smile looking all ready to go while Ella was in the other room sobbing.  My heart breaking wide open.  I went in to talk to Ella and remind her that last time she slept over  my house and now it was Peyton's turn then it would be her turn again.  This (somehow) worked and she calmed down.  Peyton and I stayed to play with her for a few minutes before heading out.  (Oh and don't worry b/c Ella ended up having very special one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy!)

Peyton and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond so I could pick up a new mattress pad.  Peyton saw these and LOVED them which gave me a great idea for birthday or Christmas gift.  Just need to get my hands on some coupons and I'll be heading back to pick those up for the girls.

We went to Olive Garden for dinner.  Since Peyton's favorite food is pasta I figured this was a good choice.  She loved the bread sticks (who doesn't?).  Puppy came too and we all had a very nice dinner.

After dinner we went to Treat for dessert.  Treat has been on my "to do" list for a long time so I'm glad I finally made it there.  It is in Needham aka Aly Raisman's hometown!  This place is adorable.  Not only to they have a huge selection of cupcakes (I choice the chocolate peanut butter overload) but they also have a make your own cupcake which is what Peyton did.

She got to choose her cake flavor, frosting flavor and 3 toppings - she choice sprinkles, gummy worms (or as she calls them jelly worms) and sour patch kids (who knew she liked these?!).  She then got to eat decorate with the toppings.  She really loved it.  We were the only ones in the place so it was nice.  While decorating she made sure to taste a lot of the frosting.  So much that we ended up taking the cupcakes home to save for the next day! 

Peyton was really tired when we got home so we pretty much got right in bed.  She only brought 3 "friends" this time so they made it in the bed too!  Now I know what you are thinking. . .  she is so sweet and calm while she sleeps.  WRONG!  This girl is a mover!  She not only comes to my side of the bed regularly but she never stays still.  Instead of Restless Leg Syndrome she has restless body syndrome!  Good thing I love her! :)

She actually slept until 7 AM which was great!  We watched Aladdin in bed for a little while then got ready for breakfast.  We walked up the street and had pancakes.  Baby came to breakfast too.  Puppy was quite sad to stay home. 

After breakfast we walked back home and packed some snacks for our "adventure."  We drove up the road to park near a T stop that was closer to where we were going.  Taking the bus and then T from my house takes up to an hour and that was just going to be too long for Peyton.  This was Peyton's first T ride and she loved it.  We could have just taken a T ride and I think she would have been content.  Ha!

Oh and side note - I deserve a big gold medal for driving in Boston on Sept 1st aka move in day and not swearing at any other drivers or moving trucks.  Believe me I wanted to MANY times.  Seriously worse day ever to drive in and around Boston especially Brighton where every BC and BU student lives.  Ugh!

Finally we made it to the New England Aquarium.  I hadn't been there in a very long time so I was excited to go.  It is very expensive (really overpriced for what you get in my opinion).  It was fun though so I'm glad we did it!  Right when we got there they were feeding the sea lions so we got to see a little "show."  The trainer kept sending one of them over to the glass to "kiss" Peyton.  It was super cute.

We then made our way inside to the brand new Touch Tank.  This is where you can pet the rays and sharks.  It was ok but hard to reach the rays so I didn't really get to pet any.  That was fine with me - the water was cold!  Ha!

Next up - Peyton's favorite of the day - the penguins!  The penguin exhibit is closed while they redo it but they had some penguins in a temp spot.  They were so cute.  This one just stood in front of Peyton and looked at her for the longest time.  We saw them swim which was cute too!

Next up was the big tank.  Their was a snorkeler in there which Peyton really liked.  I like the giant turtle the best with the giant sting ray coming in at a close second.

We got to hold some star fish which was fun.  This water was FREEZING!  Peyton liked the pink ones the best.

We checked out the different types of jelly fish.  Who knew there were so many different kinds.  They were really cool to look at.  So beautiful (in their own way).

After all that Peyton was ready for a snack!  We made our way back outside.  It was a beautiful day in Boston.  We looked at the boats and Peyton asked if we could go on one.  She especially liked the whale watch boats so that might have to be a future adventure!

Oh and you might have noticed a new "friend."  Peyton saw this seal and fell in love.  Of course they make you exit through the gift shop so there is no way to avoid seeing all the cute stuffed animals.  So Peyton got a white seal and we got Ella a gray one with black spots. 

Peyton was very excited to introduce seal to baby.  Luckily there was plenty of room in the back seat for both of them to buckle up. 

We made our way home and had lunch then "rest time" which was more for me than her!  Peyton played on "the big iPhone" while I watch Elon on TV (never thought that would happen).  Even if they got their butts kicked it was still so cool to see them on TV.  Go Elon! 

After rest we got back in the card and made our way to the meeting spot.  We met up with Ella and Jenn at an ice cream place.  We gave Ella her seal and the two seals immediately starting fighting/wrestling.  Nice girls.  We had some yummy ice cream and said our goodbyes.  Jenn told me she was going home to "walk 10 miles" which stressed me out and motivated me to walk too!

So when I got home I changed into my "walking clothes" and made my way to the Charles River.  I walked 6 miles in 1.5 hours.  It was a beautiful night with a great breeze and I entertained myself by taking pics on my iPhone.  When I got home I had 3 blisters.  I can't even imagine what my feet will look like after 50 miles.  I will soon find out. . .

I hope the start to your Labor Day weekend was as exciting as mine!  Don't worry there is more to come!

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  1. Wow-- what a start to your weekend! I love the LOFT! And build your own cupcake sounds heavenly. :) She's adorable-- glad y'all were able to spend some quality aunt/niece time even though your trip was cancelled!

  2. Wow, what a great couple of days! You and Peyton were busy girls! I love this post. :)

  3. Fun weekend!!! I'm jealous of your shopping trip! Treat looks amazing. And that aquarium looks huge. My son would be in heaven! And of course, OG. Love the breadsticks!

  4. Oh my goodness you were one busy lady!! I am so jealous of your Loft shopping spree! I was hoping to go yesterday, but didn't work out. I've never been to that aquarium but it looks AWESOME! I went to a much smaller aquarium this weekend- love the penguins!

  5. Wow. What a fun time. AND YAY...SEA TURTLE!!!!!! :)
    I love aquariums...they are just oh so fun. Those cupcakes are gorgeous - so briht!!