Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday {Olympic Edition}


Tell me you were able to watch the women's gymnastics team win the gold without tearing up?!  So amazing!  It was incredible to watch them perform last night and they totally deserve the gold medal they won. 

Missy Franklin
So glad she chose to compete for USA (she is a dual citizen of USA and Canada)!

Michael Phelps
19 Olympic medals!!!!  Seriously this man is an amazing athlete!  What an incredible accomplishment for him.  He can now add "most Olympic medals ever" to his resume.  Not too shabby!

Aly Raisman
Our hometown gal (she lives in Needham which is just south of Boston)!  She couldn't hide her overwhelming emotion last night.  Love her and love her family!  Her parents have become Olympic celebrities.  They are so proud and so cute.

I'm loving the London Olympics!  I look forward to watching more in the coming days especially more women's gymnastics tomorrow night!  Go Aly!  Go Gabby!

I'm {not} loving the fact that I'm exhausted from staying up way too late every night since the Olympics started!  So worth it to see these amazing moments!

Did you watch???  


  1. I couldn't stop watching last night!! The girls were sooo good. Did you see the interview with Aly's dad when he said that they are totally laid back people in real life? Apparently they don't usually do Aly's routines with her in the stands. HA! Very cute. I loved it all.

  2. Last night was the first time I actually really tuned in [while cooking supper]. It took forever to finish because I kept getting sucked into the television! The husband and I were fist pumping and jumping up and down. It was awesome!!

  3. Gah, I don't get the channel that they're showing on! I HATE that I missed all this!!!!! I wouldn't be able to get anything done if I was watching tho! Probably wouldn't leave my seat! ha!

  4. I have been loving the Olympics too! I actually posted about it on my wilw.