Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why I'm Glued To My Cell Phone. . .

is because you never know when an emergency will arise.  The one time I didn't bring my cell phone with me to lunch at work is when I missed one of those calls (well I actually missed about eight).  I always have my cell phone on me at work and typically bring it into the cafeteria during lunch.  I also carry a work phone and typically bring that too.  For some reason on Tuesday I put both of them down on my desk and went to lunch.  Blame it on the complicated case at work - maybe I just needed a thirty minute break from the stress of it all.

Well NEVER again.  During the time I was away from my phone one of my family members had a medical emergency and several members of my family were trying to reach me both via my cell phone and work phone.  The additional stress they were caused by not being able to reach me was unnecessary.  If I had just  had my phone on me I would have answered and saved them the extra thirty minutes of worry. . .

Fortunately I did get their messages within a fairly short amount of time and was able to leave work to be with my family. 

So next time someone gives me a hard time for being "glued" to my phone I'll just ignore them!  I know that we all need breaks from calls, texts, emails, FB and twitter but I also know the importance of being able to reach people during an emergency.

All is ok now.  Thank God.  

(Sorry for the vagueness of what happen.  But since it isn't about me it really isn't my right to share it here.  Some things are just personal).

Oh and to make myself feel better I did a little retail therapy last night. . .

I treated myself to this necklace!  Love it!  It only made me feel a little bit better.  {Sigh}


  1. eek- hope everything turned out ok!

  2. I am always afraid this will happen to me!
    Hope everything is okay!

  3. I'm always terrified that something like that will happen if I leave my phone too. Hope everything is okay!! :/

  4. Ah! I always worry about things like this. I feel super attached to my phone and technology in general when I bring it everywhere, but then I always think "what if?". I'm glad everything is ok and that you did a little retail therapy to comfort yourself :)

  5. That is exactly why I always av my phone with me too! It is also definitely NOTHING to do with having just bought an iPhone and being slightly obsessed with it! :P