Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I've Been Wearing

I'm not one to typically do outfit posts (mainly b/c I have nobody to take the pictures of me and the clothes just don't look as cute on the iPhone pics) but I shared these on Instagram/Twitter this week. I will share here too in case you missed them. . . You may notice that my outfits often revolve around my necklaces.  Yes I do pick my jewelry first then the outfit.  What can I say - I love me some statement necklaces!

This is my FAVORITE of all my necklaces right now.  It is Stella and Dot and just gorgeous!  I always get compliments on it.  I can wear it with so many different things which I love.  Oh and those blue capris - got them at Target for super price and I have to say they were probably my best summer purchase b/c I've worn them numerous times and always with a different top.  They are so versatile!

Another Stella and Dot fave!  This necklace looks good w/ so many things and I love it w/ this chambray top.

Oh look the blue capris again!  Told you I wear them a lot!  I was really excited when I realized I could "layer" these two necklaces.  The short one is Stella and Dot and the long one is Park Lane.  I think they look so pretty together.  I know you can't really tell from the crappy iPhone pics but the top is gold w/ a bit of shimmer to it.

So there ya have it.  What I've been wearing lately.  I finally got a bubble necklace too.  So when I wear that to work I'll be sure to take some pics of it.  You'll have to continue to settle for iPhone pics b/c even if I did have someone around to take pics I think I would feel way too silly! 

Happy Tuesday everyone! 


  1. You are infinitely more stylish than me. I'm impressed!

  2. LOVE that first Stella & Dot necklace. My budget is more Forever 21 though haha.

  3. Could you please come dress me?! These are GORGEOUS outfits!!

  4. oh i love love both of those stell and dot necklace especially the blue one! it is so beautiful

  5. I always want to be the girl with stylish necklaces, but I always chicken out. I adore that first necklace!
    And yay for blue pants! I bought a pair and I've been surprising myself with everything I can wear with them. Who would have thunk it?

  6. Omg I love the silver disc necklace!

  7. cute necklaces, but I love the shoes more! x