Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Night at Sandy Neck Beach

I took a little blogging break to enjoy a mini-vacation on the Cape.  It was wonderful!  As usual I took a lot of pictures so I'm going to do a few blog posts.  Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday I left work and drove straight to the beach!  I met up with Jaime, her girls and her friend Jenn and her daughter.  We had big plans for pizza and s'mores on the beach.  What could be better!?  The great thing about Sandy Neck Beach is that you can drive on it, build fires, and have dogs on it.  Pretty uncommon for Cape beaches but makes it pretty fun. 

Even though the water was freezing Emma and Cami went swimming.  Luckily they could warm up with mom (and the fire) afterwards.  Oh and speaking of the fire did I mention the s'mores. . .

It is no secret that I LOVE s'mores and they are pretty darn good all on their own BUT s'mores on the beach. . . REALLY AMAZING!!!  Unfortunately there was one s'mores related casualty. . . my arm took a beating burning.  It was windy and my marshmallow kept catching on fire.  I kept shaking it a bit to put the flame out.  Well you know how the outside of the marshmallow gets all toasty and will slide right off the rest of it. . . well that is what happen and it flew up and landed on my arm.  It was HOT.  Really hot and sticky.  It left little burn marks on my arm which are now are scabbed over.  Nice.  {But don't worry that didn't stop me - I still made one ok two more!}

One of the other great things about Sandy Neck is that the sun sets over the ocean.  It was a beautiful night.  The ocean was so still and calm it looked like a lake and the sky was perfect for a gorgeous sunset.  And since I couldn't pick just one or two favorite pictures I'm sharing about 100!  Haha!

Jaime and the gang didn't make it until sunset.  So I moved to a better viewing area to watch.  Unfortunately the bugs were out in full force.  They were disgusting.  I was holding my camera with one hand and swatting the bugs away with the other.  Gross!  Good thing this beautiful sunset made it worth it.

I waited until it {almost} hit the water then I couldn't take it anymore.  I had to get in my car safe from the bugs!

It was a great night and a great start to my mini-vacation!  Thursday and Friday recaps (aka Peyton and Ella picture overload) coming soon!


  1. I need to plan my trip to see you when we can go to the beach! Looks like so much fun!! I LOVE the sunset pics!!