Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Sneakers

I got new sneakers (aka running shoes, tennis shoes, etc depending on where you live and what you call them)!  I love them!  I wanted something fun and I'd say these fit that description.  These are officially my MS Challenge Walk sneakers.  They will be with me for the rest of the summer for training and then get me through 50 miles in 3 days in September.  Woo hoo!  I'll be walking in style!

I went to Marathon Sports which I had never been to but had heard great things about.  They did not disappoint.  While they didn't have as big of a selection as other stores the employees were excellent.  They "fit" you for the right shoe after watching you walk.  I tried on several types that they thought were best for my feet/walk and then this pair won out b/c I thought they were pretty! :)

I wore them the first time on Sunday night for a 3.5 mile walk and they felt great.  I really need to step up my training since the MS Challenge Walk is only 59 days away (eeeek)!  That is lest than 2 months!

Here are some iPhone pics of the sky while the sun was setting during my walk!  At least I had pretty views.  And I only had one sketchy old  man honk at me.  I mean really dude?!

So anyone in my neck of the woods who wants to walk let me know!  I'm needing as much motivation as I can get.  I'm heading to the Cape for a few days and hoping to get some walking in while there. . .

Happy Tuesday!  Today is my Thursday!  Yippee for 3 day work weeks!!!!


  1. Those sneaks are wonderful!! I love the colors :) I want some like that!
    Beautiful sky photos!
    Happy Tuesday <3

  2. i love the bright sneakers. great job training hard!

  3. Great running shoes! So fun!

  4. Those are FANTASTIC!! and i absolutely LOVE Saucony's!

  5. Hi, Jodi! I came across your blog from someone (Lisa at Carnival, perhaps?) on Twitter. Really enjoy your writing. My wife, Jennifer, and I both have MS, and it's great to read essays from someone with your style and approach to this disease. I found it really interesting because I JUST wrote an essay about MS and my running shoes :-) Check it out here at http://danandjenniferdigmann.com/?p=2478. Thanks for sharing your stories! Take care, Dan

  6. They are so cute!! Love the new shoes!