Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MS (Still) In The News

Have you read this article in USA Today? I came across it today and was so relieved to see that USA Today could write a piece that includes factual information about MS!

The media really frustrated me when Jack Osbourne shared his MS diagnosis recently.  They kept reporting over the top things including headlines with the word "death."  Very unnecessary!  MS is not a fatal disease!

Many in the MS community, including me, where not happy about this.  So kudos to USA Today for getting it right. And kudos to Ann Romney for her honesty.

I actually had the opportunity to meet Ann Romney soon after I was diagnosed.  I attended a conference in Boston and she was one of the guest speakers.  I remember thinking how brave she was to be so open with her diagnosis considering she was in the public eye.  I commend her for continuing to share her story and for bringing attention to MS.  She is just one example of the many faces of MS.

{Politics aside here people. . . just commenting on her as a person. . . not her politics!}


  1. You know the media. They love to exaggerate the things that don't need it and not cover the topics that do need it.
    Thanks for sharing the article!

  2. Thanks for sharing that article. MS is something that I hear a lot about but really don't understand all that well, so I'm trying to become better informed. Your blog definitely helps me with that!

    Also, I nominated you for a blogger award - check out my blog if you want more info :)

  3. Great article-- pretty impressive to see the media actually write something without blowing things out of proportion.