Monday, July 16, 2012

Mini-Vacation On The Cape

I took Thursday and Friday off last week so I could spend a couple of days on the Cape with my parents and Peyton and Ella.  It was so nice to have extra time!  The weather was beautiful and we had a great time.

My mom arrived to the Cape with the girls on Thursday morning.  While I was waiting for them I took a bike ride at the beach with my dad.  When the girls arrived they were really excited to go to "the show."  My mom had bought tickets for the Cape Playhouse to see SteveSongs from PBS.  We even got to meet him after the show!  Ha!

The girls had a lot of fun at the show.  They got to sing, dance and even go up on stage!  It was a cute show with a lot of sing-a-longs.  At the end there were bubbles and all the kids went crazy trying to pop them.  Too funny.

After the show we went across the street to Scargo Cafe for lunch.  The girls were starving so they snacked on some lemons while waiting for real food.  Ella says, "spicy" instead of sour.  You can tell from her face that it sure was!  I enjoyed a delicious sangria!  Lunch was very good.

After lunch we made a quick stop at Eden, since we were in the neighborhood.  Due to the popularity of this point you have to reserve tickets in advance to shop.  But if you just have one thing to do you can go to the "side door."  I just wanted to have my bracelet polished and pick up a new official Eden charm since I had lost mine when I took the bracelet off for an MRI.  While we waited the girls tried out these blue chairs!

We went home after that and the girls spent the afternoon swimming with Grammy and Grampy.  I stayed in to rest.  While they were at the pool I kept hearing the girls say, "Where is Jodi?" and "When is Jodi coming to the pool?" 

We ate dinner at home and then went out for ice cream to "the place with the train" as the girls like to call it.  We had actually never had ice cream at this place and were pleased with how good it was (so good in fact that we went back the next night)!  Of course the highlight for the girls is playing in the wooden train.  They love this thing!  Oh and I may have had the most delicious cake batter ice cream ever!

On Friday we spent the morning on the beach.  They love when grampy takes them in the water and had a lot of fun on the tube in the waves!

Then we spent the afternoon at the pool.  Who knew they could have SO much fun with noodles.  Wish I had invented those silly things!  They love swimming and could stay in that pool all day!

After dinner we went to Mayflower beach to play in the "snow" as Ella likes to refer to the sand there.  It really is the softest sand.  The beach is huge and fun for running around and playing (since there aren't too many people there in the evening.)  I took some adorable pictures of the girls.  Here is your sneak peak. . . more to come in a post later this week!

Next stop was to one of their favorite places (and who are we kidding mine too) the trampolines.  When Peyton was little she would call them the jumpolines!  They LOVE these things and it is so fun to watch them jump and laugh!

Last stop was back to the "train" for more ice cream.  There were no other kids on the train so the girls got to have it all to themselves.  They had so much fun.

And then. . . all good things come to an end. . .

Saturday morning Jenn arrived to pick up the girls to take them home and I went home too (for a much needed nap)!

It was a fun time on the Cape and I was so happy to still have my weekend which was also filled with fun!  Check back tomorrow for more on that!