Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello July!

July 2nd!?  Really!  How did that happen?  We are officially half way through 2012.  This year is flying by.  I'm looking forward to celebrating the 4th of July despite it falling mid-week and therefore seeming a little less fantastic.  Anyways let's recap the weekend. . .

Yes this happened!  The weekend started out a bit slow for me as it seems the MS fatigue got the best of me last week leading to a sick day on Friday.  I know better about pushing it too far yet it still happens.  It is me trying to be stronger than MS but then MS always reminds me that it is in control!  Ha!  I slept most of the day and by Friday night was feeling energized enough to see Magic Mike.

I'm not typically one who sees a movie on opening night. . . but Kendall and I thought this would be a fun night out. . . it was actually better than I expected.  The movie had a plot!  Who knew!  It was good for a laugh and a relaxing night out.

Saturday I had another lazy day with sleeping in late and resting for several hours.  By the afternoon I decided I needed to get out of the house and take advantage of the beautiful (and very hot) day.  I ventured downtown to see the Tall Ships which had arrived in Boston that morning.  I had planned on going in the morning to watch them arrive but didn't have the energy.  Seeing them docked was just as good!

Each ship was from a different country and had a full crew of sailors on board.  You could go on each ship and walk around.  It was really nice to see them up close.  They were all so beautiful!

Unfortunately while there I ran into a pirate. . . he was nice though and ever posed for a picture with me!

After viewing the Tall Ships I decided to walk along the Harborwalk.  It was very hot!  It was a scenic walk to get back to the T.  Thankfully they had a couple of vendors along the way and I was able to get a delicious slush!

There are plenty of benches and grassy areas along the walk.  The flowers were beautiful.  I especially love hydrangeas!  They always make me think of summer and the Cape!

I then made my way along the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  There was a market/craft fair set up so I checked that out.  Really what I wanted to do was join all these kids in the fountain.  Oh it looked so nice!  I then jumped on the T and made my way home.  I of course took a much needed two hour nap!

Sunday was another lazy start to my day.  I met Cara for lunch at the mall and had a nice time catching up with her.  After lunch I needed to run to Nordstrom to pick up something at the Bobbi Brown counter and I saw a new pinkberry!  I was just a little bit excited.  I hadn't been to this mall for a long time so didn't know they had one.  I of course couldn't resist treating myself to some froyo. If pinkberry has not made it to your area yet I feel for you.  I'm an addict!

When I got home I took another two hour nap.  Yup I can actually sleep that much in one weekend.  Still  not sure I'm all caught up (although I don't think I ever truly catch up on sleep)!

Last night I watched the Olympic trials, specifically the women's gymnastics.  Oh do I have a love/hate relationship with gymnastics!?  Love it but hate when they fall.  I am all tensed up as I watch b/c I'm so nervous and stressed that they won't do well in their one chance to make it.  Oh were there a lot of falls last night.  Ugh!  It seems like the right girls made it on the team and I'm happy that Aly Raisman made the team since she is from Massachusetts.  It is always fun to cheer on a local!

I'm really looking forward to the Olympics.  Not only do I love to watch the competition but I love the coverage of the location and since London is one of my favorite places that will be great to watch.

Hope you had a great weekend.  Just have to make it through today and tomorrow before a little mid-week break from work!


  1. Ah! We went an saw the tall ships this weekend too - so cool. Here's to a happy and hopefully not too hot July!

  2. looks like a great weekend! with a combination of relaxing and having fun! but BOYYYY was it HOTTTT!! im in NYC and went to atlantic city this weekend and i was dyiiinggg!!

    also, ughhg everyone's blogs are about how they saw magic mike! i gotta get on it!

  3. I'm jealous! First off I didn't see Magic Mike and secondly, I wish I lived in Boston! Needless to say I think your weekend looks awesome :)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. Oh man, I can't wait to see Magic Mike! Lol. Also, you look so cute in that outfit. :) Loved this post!

  5. So jealous you have seen Magic Mike. I'm dying to go, but we are trying to get everyone's schedules to work so it is taken too long!

  6. Mmmm Pinkberry! I can't wait to have some time off work to see Magic Mike, I am a manager at a movie theater and a lot of people have given it decent reviews!!

  7. This looks like an awesome trip - I love the friendly pirate! :D

  8. I loved watching the Olympic trials! Can't wait for the games in a few weeks. :)