Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MS In The News

I'm sure you have heard/read by now. . . Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy Osbourne, has announced that he was diagnosed with MS.  I'm not happy that yet another young person, in the prime of his life, has heard the words "YOU HAVE MS". . . but I am happy that due to Jack's fame a lot of attention is being given. . . even famous people get MS.

This story is all over people.com and was one of the lead stories on The Today Show this morning.  Jack isn't even that famous (not trying to be rude but you know what I mean) and this story is getting a ton of attention.  It is a big deal.  MS is a big deal.  The more people who are brave enough to share their story the more awareness is raised about MS.  I applaud Jack for sharing his diagnosis with the world.

Did you know. . .

That both Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney have a personal connection to MS?  Obama's father-in-law had MS and Romney's wife Ann has MS (I've actually met her since they use to live in MA.  She was at a conference I attended).  Not only do famous people get MS but Democrats and Republicans do too! Ha!

A few other famous people that also have MS. . .

Meredith Viera's husband, Richard Cohen
Montel Williams
Father and son, Alan and David Osmond (brother and nephew of Donny Osmond)
Jodi (oh sorry I got carried away. . . I'm not famous. . .yet!)

In the 3.5 years since I've been diagnosed I have met SO many people living with MS.  It is amazing to me how many "regular" people have MS.  On an almost daily basis I'm meeting people who have a personal connection to MS.  It is everywhere.  The more we talk about it the more awareness we raise and that is GOOD!  Once you know a little more about MS you might be a little more inclined to volunteer or donate!

In other MS news. . .

Genzyme applied to FDA for approval of Alemtuzumab to treat Relapsing MS.  Alemtuzumab is given by a cycle of IV infusions only once per year!  Do you realize how huge that is?  Once a year.  Wow!  That would be such an amazing option to have. . . to read more go here.

Clinical trial shows Teriflunomide pill reduces relapses in Relapsing-Remitting MS.  This is very good news!  This is an oral medication which is a big deal b/c up until very recently the only treatment options were injections.  There is now one oral medication on the market but it is still very new.  If the clinical trials continue to go well for Teriflunomide that will be great b/c it will mean another oral medication option!

It really is exciting that there are so many potential treatment options on the horizon. Doing weekly injections is not fun.  But I do it b/c so far it has worked for me.  I have not had any relapses.  But there may come a day when my treatment does not work anymore and I want to know that I'll have many choices including oral meds!  I'm SO tired of doing shots and I look forward to a day when I can just pop a pill.  Ha!

And last but not least. . . 

My cousin, Katelyn, will take part in the Cape Cod Getaway this weekend.  She will ride a bike for 150 miles in two days - 75 miles each day - from Boston to Provincetown!  Yup you read that right - 150 miles!  Last year Katelyn ran the Boston Marathon for MS and now she is finding another way to raise awareness and money.  I'm so proud of her and grateful that she stands by me during my MS journey!  Please send positive vibes her way this weekend (and pray for good "biking weather.")

So now you know a little more about MS!  Thanks for reading!

Two other non MS related items:

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  1. You're absolutely right, we all do have a personal connection. I participated in an MS walk almost every year when I was little for a family friend who had been diagnosed. It sounds like there are some great possibilities on the horizon. Kudos to you and your cousin for helping bring attention and actively participating in the fight against MS. Good luck Katelyn!! Happy Cheering her on Jodi! :)

  2. Very sad about Jack Osbourne, but hopefully there will be a positive in the sense that there will be more awareness now.

  3. I just got coldchills reading about the ride your sister is taking. I work for a company that produces those type of events for cancer care and research so I understand that commitment she's making. Very cool!

    I totally agree with you about Jack - so sad but maybe good can come from it. For a long time they thought my mom had MS and they still check her now and again.

    And go ahead and add yourself to that list of celebs girl!!