Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lately. . .

I've been busy!  So busy that I haven't even had a chance to blog about a few things I did last week.  So I'm playing catch up now (in no particular order).

MAAV hosted a thank you party for the Melrose Running Club for their organization of the Melrose Run for Women on Mother's Day.  The Running Club presented MAAV with a check for $22,000 which we will use to sustain the mentoring program! 

MAAV is so appreciative of all the hard work the members of the Running Club put in to make the race so successful.  Such a great collaborative effort and a great example of giving back to your community!

{Please excuse the fact that I look like a hot mess - it was about 100 degrees that day!}

Wendy Booker
Last week I had the opportunity to attend a dinner sponsored by a pharmaceutical company, Teva, the makers of Copaxone (not the MS treatment I'm on but I read it is what Jack Osbourne is taking).

My motivation for attending was due to the fact that Wendy Booker was one of the speakers.  I'd heard a lot about her in the "MS world" and ready wanted to hear her speak.  She did not disappoint!

Prior to Wendy speaking the main program speaking was Dr. Allen Bowling who is an MS neurologist from Colorado.  His presentation was good and informative but could not compare to Wendy (in my personal opinion).   I do think it is important to hear from neurologist other than the one treating you, from time to time, to make sure you keep up with current MS trends/treatments.  It is always validating to me when another neurologist states things that are the same/similar to what mine says (such as their belief that every MS patient should be on treatment as soon as they are diagnosed). 

Now back to Wendy. . . WOW!  There are no (good) words to describe this woman.  I could say inspirational or amazing but these words are often overused. . . just take a look at her website to understand how truly special this woman with MS is.  She is living life to the fullest!

For those of you who don't feel like going to her website I'll tell you the cliff notes!  She was diagnosed with MS 14 years ago and since they has done things that are pretty incredible including "The Seven Summits."  Wendy made it to the top of all of them except Mt. Everest (she climbed it twice but did not reach the top).  She has been to the North Pole and the South Pole.  She has ran the Boston Marathon.  What's next for this thrill seeker you may ask. . .

The Iditarod!  In 2014 Wendy will participate in the 1,150 dogsled race across Alaska.  She will begin her training this fall.  Is there anything this woman can't do!?  The best part about her (to me) is that she is so normal!  Ha!  When you see her and hear her speak she just is a regular, down-to-earth person who happens to have MS. . . I love that she has made such an impact on the MS community by doing what she is doing.  If you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak don't miss out!

Last week I also got to meet up with Christine.  Christine and I were put in touch over email through a mutual acquaintance.  She also has MS and was looking to connect with others with MS.  We emailed for several months and finally had the chance to meet for coffee in person. 

For me it was different b/c it was one of the first times I was with someone who has been diagnosed less time than me. . . usually everyone I meet (through the MS Society) has been diagnosed longer than me.  It was nice to be on the other side in terms of offering advice about "the first two years."

We shared about our diagnosis, treatment, symptoms and lots of other stuff (unrelated to MS).  It is always nice to spend time with someone who gets "it."  I recommend to everyone with MS to find someone else to connect with.  It is really helpful!  Hopefully we will be able to stay in touch and get together again soon.

So there you have it. . . that is what I was up to last week!

This week looks just as busy with "stuff" every night!  Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

I'm participating in this.  You should too if you wold like!

Today for the Commenting Challenge I am suppose to tell you why I blog. . . I started this blog just over two years ago to chronicle my journey of living with MS and to connect with others living with MS.  Little did I know it would develop into so much more!  I now use it as a digital scrapbook of my life which includes MS and a whole lot of other stuff!  I really like having a blog as a keepsake and think it will be fun to look back on someday.  The blogging community is amazing and has made blogging so much fun!


  1. I always enjoy meeting up with people that have MS because it makes me feel a little less crazy when someone is going through similar things too...plus it's nice to be able to share useful tips that you pick up along the way!

  2. Wow. She is definitely an inspiration!!!! She has done more with MS than I have done without it. That's amazing!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed "getting to know you" on yours!

  4. Wow, that Wendy does sound very inspirational! That is amazing, all of her accomplishments since her diagnosis!