Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy National Sunglasses Day

Not sure who comes up with these "holidays" but this one gave me a chuckle!  It also gives me an excuse to post an old picture of Peyton and I that I think is adorable!


  1. That's hilarious about the holiday and you are right, that pic of her is adorable!

  2. Love the picture! I know last week, or the week before, National Chocolate Chip Cookie day was celebrated. There's pretty much a holiday for everything these days. I'm stopping in from Jenna's Comment Challenge. Thank you for sharing your MS Diagnosis story, by the way. My Grandmother had MS but I have never really sat down to learn much about it. I'm a new follower by the way :D Feel free to visit sometime...

    -Jessica of {Sugar in My Grits}

  3. Ha, really!!?? There really is a holiday for everything!


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