Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend With Ella

Ella had her first ever (besides grandparents) sleepover on Saturday night.  Many months ago I started telling her she could sleep over once she worn big girl undies - cuz let's face it who wants to change diapers!?  So while there wasn't much sleeping there was plenty of fun all around Boston.

*This is going to be a picture heavy post almost all of Ella. . . you've been warned! 

I met up with my sister-in-law at the Bertucci's parking lot to do the "hand-off."  Since we were there an it was lunch time Ella and I started our weekend by grabbing lunch.  I had taken Ella and Peyton there once before and as soon as she saw the dough (that they give the kids to play with) she remembered and was very excited.  When the server came over she ordered her food and drink all by herself.  It was really cute.  She is such a brave girl!  She kept asking, "Jodi what is this called again?"  in regard to the dough.  It was funny.  After lunch (and 2 trips to the bathroom - on 2nd thought maybe diapers would have been easier haha) we were "off to Boston." 

Our destination: The Public Gardens - home of "Make Way for Ducklings" and The Swan Boats aka my favorite place in Boston.  Ella was very excited to go to "Boston" even thought I don't think she knew what "Boston" was!

Ella had to try out all the ducks!  She sat on each one a few times.  Luckily there weren't too many kids there while we were there so she had plenty of duck sitting time! 

Saturday was a beautiful day and it was so nice to be outside in the warm sun!  We enjoyed walking around the The Public Gardens and of course the Swan Boats!  It took Ella a little while to understand the concept of the "boat" and she kept referring to it as the "ferry" which I'm not sure why.  Before we were even done she asked if we could ride again so I was pretty sure she had a good time.

After we got off The Swan Boat I noticed a clown making balloon animals/etc and I knew Ella would love it.  When he asked her what she wanted she said, "a pink flower" and was very excited when he gave it to her.  To my surprise it lasted all weekend w/o popping!  I had prepared her that it might pop and that we wouldn't be sad. . . all weekend she kept saying to me, "see Jodi it didn't pop" haha!  She told me!

Ella asked a few more times for "another ride" on The Swan Boats (and while I totally would have taken her again) I suggested the merry-go-round on the Boston Common.  She was sold!  She literally ran across the Common to get there. 

After all that walking I needed a rest (although I'm sure Ella could have kept on going).  We took a slush break and sat on a beach towel I had brought with me for a "picnic."  Ella loved her slush and seemed to really enjoy people watching. 

The resting was short lived because as soon as Ella was done with her slush she was up and twirling, dancing and RUNNING.  Lots of running!  If these are pictures of pure joy then I don't know what is!  She is such a blessing and watching her run and laugh made me so happy.  A simple reminder that while she had a blast doing "stuff" that cost money she was just as happy running in the grass!

After another short rest it was time to head home.  Ella said it best with, "Jodi I had so much fun."

We were driving home and I turned around to look at Ella and this is what I saw!  She cracks me up!  I'm glad she was making herself comfortable for the long (10 minute) trip back to my apartment!

When we got back to my apartment we took a short rest and I let Ella watch a Care Bear show I had dvr'd.  Then we walked to a restaurant on my street for dinner.  At this point I think she was a bit slap happy as you can probably tell from this picture.  She was playing peek-a-boo with me! 

When we got home it was right into pj's and into bed!  Don't let this sweet and innocent face fool you!  She is a bed hog!  Or she just wanted to sleep on top of me.  I had to keep moving her back to her side all through the night!!  Just like her sister who does the same thing when I let her sleep in my bed! :) 

As we were getting ready for bed we got this video text from Peyton.  Too cute!  This let to a "face time" conversation.  As soon as Ella saw Peyton's face she said, "Peyton I'm having a sleepover at Jodi's."  She was so proud!  They continued to tell each other what they had done during the day and laughed a lot.  It may have been the cutest and sweetest thing I've seen in a long time.  They really adore each other. 

Of course Ella was a little wired after that so it took a bit before I could settle her down to sleep.  It was around 9 PM when she fell asleep which is a good hour past her bedtime.  I was hoping she would sleep until 7 AM but no such luck.  At precisely 6 AM I hear, "Jodi it is not dark outside anymore!"  Thanks for the newsflash Ella!  Ha! 

At 8 AM we walked up the street to get breakfast.  FYI - not too many people out that early on a Sunday morning (just in case you were wondering).  We had pancakes and bacon and Ella was a happy girl!  The ladies that worked there thought she was the cutest thing and kept coming over to talk to her.  When they asked her how old she was she proudly held out 3 fingers!

After breakfast we walked back to my apartment and packed up her stuff.  We then drove down the street to the Charles River to feed the ducks.  Ella was very excited to do this.  I brought a bunch of bread and let me tell you this girl has got a GOOD arm.  She was throwing that bread pretty far to where the ducks were.  (This really nice man who was there setting up for a CF event came over and asked if I wanted him to take a picture of both of us since he had seen me taking pics of her.  I thought that was so nice of him and I love the pics he got)! 

After feeding the ducks we took a walk along the river and this moment happened:
Ella: "Jodi do ya know what?"
Me: "What?"
Ella: "I love you!"
Isn't she the sweetest little thing!  

When we were done we got in the car to head to our meeting spot for the "hand-off."  We did have a fabulous weekend and it was so nice to spend alone time with Ella since I don't ever get to do that.  Oh and before she left she asked if she can sleep over again and if I will take her out to eat and to the "ferry."  Haha!  Guess she had fun!

I thought I deserved a little pampering since I had gotten up SO early!  I got a much needed pedicure and decided to go for a fun color.  I really like it!  I figured I won't be wearing sandals/flip flops in Ireland (since it will likely be too cold) so I could go for a different kind of color this time.  I did a little shopping too.  Bought a pair of capris at Kohl's and they left the stupid security tag on so now I need to go back!  Going to be a busy couple of days getting ready for vacation!!!!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. SO precious :-D You're such a sweet aunt!! Love the Make Way for Ducklings statues, I got to see them when we traveled to Boston last fall. SO neat :-D Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. So cute! She must have had a great time. We're planning to take my daughter in to the Public Garden this summer.

  3. I wish I'd had an aunt like you. What fun! No wonder she wants to do it again. Ella is adorable and she can handle three restaurants in 24 hours, wow! That girl knows how to have a good time. I would definitely have rewarded myself with a pedi and some shopping too. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who is willing to take a little risk with the color.. the blue looks really good. Have so much fun in Ireland. We went on our honeymoon and I've wanted to go back ever since. But you're right, the weather there in May doesn't exactly lend to open toe shoes. Enjoy!!

  4. Oh my gosh she is adorable! I love the photos of her sitting on the ducks! :D