Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy 3rd Birthday Carter!

My little buddy Cater will turn 3 on May 8th but we celebrated on Saturday with a "zoo party."  I told Joana it was Cinco de Mayo and a margarita party would have made much most sense but she disagreed. . . so I had to settle for yummy cupcakes!  

I got this "Happy Birthday To Me" shirt for Carter and thought it looked adorable on him.  I also got him some monkey pj's which I'm sure he'll like considering the birthday theme.  

I had to laugh b/c as I was looking for the pic of Carter and I from the hospital I also came across these pics of him w/ a little monkey!  Too funny.  I guess he has been a little monkey since the beginning!

Did you have a fun Cinco de Mayo?  No margaritas for me (since I was babysitting).  I had to settle for a Raspberry Lime Ricky!  It was very tasty even w/o the tequila!

On Sunday I got to meet my friend Danielle's new baby GIRL!  That's right. . . they welcomed Scarlett Mae to their family to join big brothers Seamus and Declan. 

She is adorable!  Would you believe I didn't take any pictures.  I'm a terrible blogger! :) 
We were sitting outside and Scarlett was all wrapped up so I think that is why I never thought to snap a pic.  Just take my word for it that she is a beauty. 

Weekends go by WAY too fast.  Don't you agree?  I never seem to have enough time for fun stuff, relaxing stuff and chores so the chores always seem to be knocked off the list.  So the never ending to do list waits for me. . . it may be waiting a while. 


  1. Gosh, I need my friends to have more babies. Then I won't feel the need to have my own... Hahaha!!

  2. He's such a cutie! Love the shirt you got him too. It'll make his birthday tomorrow much more exciting!

  3. I don't think catching up is even an option in life. But what fun are chores when you can have an amazing weekend celebrating little people and babies? Sounds like fun.

  4. awww,happy 3rd bithday! 3 is a great age :)

    that drink looks super tasty!