Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend in Chicago - Day 2

If you didn't get a chance to read about my Day 1 in Chicago you should go here and do that first.  Day 2 was a bit more relaxed than Day 1 since the weather wasn't great. 

After sleeping in late we started our day in the city with lunch at Tavern On Rush.  It was really good.  The outdoor patio area is so cute but it was too chilly to sit outside even with the heaters they had under the awnings.

Funny story - at the table next to us there were two people eating lunch - a mother and daughter.  I would guess the daughter was mid-twenties.  It was clear from their conversation that mother was visiting from out of state (I wasn't ease dropping their table was really close to ours).  Anyways the server went to their table with two mimosas and said they were from the gentleman in the black jacket and pointed to him.  Mark and I were both stunned.  People still do that?  Really?  She's with her mom!  So of course we are now checking out the table with the guys and listening to see what girl and mom will do.  They had both been drinking water so we were wondering if they even liked mimosas!  They finally took a sip after a looooong time.  Next thing I hear is the mom saying, "I don't think you are under any obligation to do anything."  Ha!  So then guy from the table walks by our table to go to bathroom.  No eye contact made.

A little while passes and we are done and so are they.  Mark gets up to use the bathroom and misses the best part!  The guy (who had previously gone to the bathroom) came over to their table and introduced himself, asked their names, where they are from, etc, etc.  It was SO awkward!  Turns out he is visiting from LA.  Not sure why he is trying to pick a girl up at lunch time when he doesn't even live here. . . he ended the awkward moment by saying, "We are sitting right over there. . . stop by if you want."  Well I'm sure you can guess what she did. . . Upon leaving she gave a head nod/wave from afar.  The End.  Funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time!!!!

After lunch, despite being full, we walked over to Sprinkles.  No trip is complete without cupcakes! We waited in line for a few minutes and then got 3 cupcakes (we got one for Mark's sister too) to go!

We went over to Mark's sister's condo and hung out for a while.  We ate our cupcakes which were delicious and then layered up to prepare for the winter like weather we would be sitting in during the baseball game!

We got to the ballpark right in time for the start of the game.  The sun was shining bright so we moved to a "sunny" section (they game was not even close to being sold out so plenty of empty seats - so different from Fenway)!  In all the groups around us there were Red Sox fans.  So fun to see!  Above you will see views of the field from 4 spots - yes we walked around the entire ballpark! 

Towards the end of the game we moved to lower level first base line area.  Mark's friend was sitting there and people had left so there were empty seats.  What a great view!  We were right behind the Red Sox dugout.  Have I mentioned that it was FREEZING!?  It was!  I had on so many layers and was still cold.  But we lasted the whole game and saw the Red Sox win 1 to 0.  Woo hoo!!

After the game they do fireworks.  It was a great fireworks display and fun for me since that is something that we can't do in Boston (since Fenway is smack in the middle of everything)! 

After the game we took the subway back downtown with the plan of going to a "dive bar" but I saw Chick-fil-a and then the plan changed!  Who can resist Chick-fil-a at 10 PM!  Ha! 

It was a great day and I'm glad that the rain stayed away.  Also glad that the Red Sox won!  Tomorrow will be a Day 3 recap (Wrigley Field tour and Sky Deck). . .


  1. Haha-- that's a great story!! Guess it was worth a shot for him... Lol. The game looks fun! It's so funny how we traveled to opposite climates this weekend. Hahahaha

  2. LOL! That's an hilarious story about the guy trying to pick up the girl eating lunch with her mother! Too funny...but also slightly awkward. :P