Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flashback. . . The Public Gardens With Peyton 2010

On Monday when I was writing this post about taking Ella to The Public Gardens for the first time it made me flashback to when I had taken Peyton for her first time.  I looked for the post on my blog and much to my surprise discovered I had never blogged about it!  The horror!  In my defense we went just weeks after I had started my blog and I wasn't completely into it yet. . .

So I decided I would do a flashback post and share with you the 100s of pictures of Peyton when we went in April 2010.  She was just shy of 2 1/2 at the time so younger than when I took Ella. . . needless to say she loved it!

It makes me smile to look at these pictures again and see how little Peyton was!  She was (and still is) such a cutie!!

Peyton took her turn at sitting on just like Ella did (and probably like all kids do when they go there)!  

Checking out the ducks and The Swan Boats before we go for a ride!

 Peyton's first ride on The Swan Boats! 

Different "clown" but a flower just like Ella picked.  And of course we had slush!  It made me laugh when I looked back on these pictures and saw how similar they were to the ones with Ella.  I love "traditions" and that some things like The Public Gardens never change. . .

The trip would not be complete with going on the merry-go-round at the Boston Common.  Kids LOVE these things!  I must admit I like them too!  

I love this!  Pretty much the same picture of each of them during the first ride on The Swan Boats!  Too cute!!  I look forward to taking Peyton and Ella there for many more years!


  1. So cute!! xo
    I don't have any nieces (yet), but I do have two super sweet younger cousins (one of which is named Payton!) and I love taking them shopping and doing fun things with them, too! I babysat them the other night and we had a full on girls night with movies and was so much fun!

    Love that it in Boston?

  2. I love looking back on how cute my kids were, also...Yes Peyton was a cutie and still is!

  3. How cool that you have those last two pictures which are nearly identical! :)

  4. This post makes me want to go back to Boston!! I loved the Public Gardens and Boston Common. Gosh, your nieces are so adorable!!