Monday, May 28, 2012

Flashback. . . Ireland 2010 (part 1)

From May 21, 2010 to May 31, 2010 I was on vacation in Ireland with my brother, Allan, my aunt Cathy, my cousin, Katelyn and a family friend, Gail.  We had an amazing time with wonderful weather, especially for Ireland.  Here is a recap of our 10 days.

- we landed in Shannon around 6 AM local time which was really 1 AM Boston time.  Since none of us really slept on the plane we were all pretty tired.  We got our rental cars and drove to Killarney.

This is our cottage (well actually it is Allan and Cathy's).  Once we got settled we took naps.  That night we went down to the center of town and had dinner and our first of many pints!

- we took a day trip to one of my favorite places in Ireland, Dingle.  The drive to Dingle is so beautiful!

We all wanted to see Slea Head but none of us wanted to drive it.  So we called a local tour company and had John take us around on a private tour in his van.

He took us along the coast and stopped at the most beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean.  The ongoing joke of the day was "next city Boston" because Dingle in the western most point of Ireland.  Not only were the views amazing but it was 70 degrees and sunny which is such a treat.

John quickly learned about my obsession with sheep and cows so he made sure to get me up close to them.  I swear this mama and her babies posed for me to take their picture!  What a great view they have!

During conversation with John he mentioned that he had a farm.  I of course asked him if he had sheep and cows and he said he had cows and calves.  Well you can imagine how excited I was when he offered to take us to is farm to see them!  So off we went and boy did I get up close and personal with the calves.

These four were only two weeks old and they were so cute.  You can tell that one in particular was pretty friendly!  Oh and while I was hanging out with the cows Cathy and Gail were trying to marry me off to John's brother, the farmer.  Poor kid didn't know what to do with those two and their crazy ways!  I don't think he has ever been outside of Dingle.

All good days end with food and drinks of course!  We ate at a pub in Dingle and enjoyed some pints.

So glad we fell upon a tour guide who had cows!  If you ever go to Ireland let me know and I will give you John's info.  He was an excellent tour guide!

Monday - the rest of the crew planned to golf 9 holes that day at the Gap of Dunloe.  I didn't really want to go anywhere by myself so I decided to go along for the ride.  I was going to sit and read my book but I was allowed to walk the holes with them so I did.  I became the official photographer and sunbather!  And of course after golfing it was more eating and drinking!

Tuesday - we all took a day trip to Kinsale which is a pretty harbor town similar to Newport.  We walked around for an hour looking for a restaurant called "Fishy, Fishy" which Allan had read about in his book.  Well I wasn't too interested in eating there since I don't like fish but even less interested when it was taking us an hour to find it.  We ended up going to their other restaurant "Fishy, Fishy, Chippy" which is a more casual version and thankfully they had chicken!  While in Kinsale I got to try Berry Bulmers for the first time.  I liked it but Pear Bulmers is still my favorite!

Wednesday -
Allan, Cathy and Gail went to play 18 holes of golf while Katelyn and I went horseback riding on the beach in Rossbeigh.  Since it is still "off season" we were the only 2 people there.  My horse was Tom and Katelyn's was Paddy.  Paddy did not like to keep up with us and often had to trot to catch up!  Katelyn sure had a bumpy ride!

I've always wanted to go horseback riding on the beach.  It was pretty fun!  After horseback riding once the horses were back in the stable let's just say Paddy got a little "excited."  Me being oh so mature had to take a picture but I won't post it here (trying to keep my blog PG haha!)  Let's just say Katelyn and I learned where the expression "hung like a horse" came from!

Ireland Vacation Recap. . .

to be continued. . .


  1. Wow that cottage is so pretty! :) I love the photo of you and the calves, and LOL at the un-post-able picture of the horse! Too funny!

  2. Ooooh...I loved Dingle and Kinsale so much!