Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Enough Already

Finders Keepers?
Did you hear about this news story?  A woman found a winning scratch ticket in the trash.  She didn't know it was a winner when she took it (she takes the tickets out of the trash for "other prizes" like magazine subscriptions).  When she went to type in the number it wouldn't work and she then realized not all the numbers had been scratched off. . . and it was a million dollar winning ticket!!!  Amazing right!  So she cashed it in and has spent some of the money with her husband.

Then a woman who worked at the store says it was her ticket that she threw away after the machine said it wasn't a winner.  She sued and the judge actually ruled in HER favor.  WHAT????  Are you serious?  She can't even prove it was her ticket!!!!

So now the trash picker lady who found it might have to pay back $680 thousand (after taxes).  Unreal I tell ya!  Just when you think you've heard it all. . .

I don't agree with the judge's ruling and will be interesting to see what happens in the appeal.  What do you think?  Who is the actual winner?  Who deserves the money?

I'm saying enough already to the tanning mom.  Clearly this woman has a serious problem.  Why someone didn't step n a long time ago is what confuses me.  Did her husband, family and friends think she looked good?  She looks so scary!  (Please note I will not include a picture of her b/c it frightens me too much to look at!)  I really hope her daughter doesn't follow in her footsteps.  This mother needs some help and hopefully all this attention will at least get her the help she needs.  But really - ENOUGH already!

I'm also saying a big loud enough already to Christina Aguilera.  She drives me CRAZY!  I love The Voice.  I think it is such a fun show and there are some really talented people on there but Christina almost has brought me to the point of not wanting to watch it.  Between her boobs and lack of clothes to her negative comments week after week to Tony Lucca. . . . ENOUGH!  I really don't understand why she has to act the way she does.  All the other judges give constructive feedback and positive comments to the other contestants but she is always saying nasty things.  Tony isn't my first choice to win (Jermaine is) but I really hope Christina's "plan" backfires on her and Tony wins just to piss her off!  (Please note I am also not including a picture of her boobs b/c they too frighten me)!

Rants over.  For today anyways.  What are you saying enough already to? 


  1. I say enough already to tanning mom too...how crazy! I didn't know about the lottery ticket deal, but that's not right. I also say enough already about all the political party arguing! Seriously people say a lot of nasty things to their friends on Social Media sites during this time of elections and I'm just sick of hearing it!

  2. The tanning mom thing is ridiculous. I didn't hear the judge's ruling on the ticket - that seems absurd! IF anything the machine company that read the ticket wrong should be sued, not the lady who found the ticket.

  3. Agreed-- people need to chill out over the tanning mom. I haven't watched The Voice this season, but I'm really surprised that Xtina has been mean. She seemed so nice and unable to criticize people last season! Although, yes the boobs are out of control...

  4. Argh! The tanning woman is definitely very scary (she looks like she's made from leather!) but sad too, especially since she's influencing her daughter to think doing that to your body is ok. :(