Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend In NYC

I arrived at Port Authority at noon on Saturday and Marisa had arrived at Penn Station a few minutes before me so she walked over to meet up with me.  We walked to our  hotel on 42nd street and made a stop in Bryant Park to eat lunch.  It felt so good to sit outside and soak up the sun! 

This weekend I met my college friend Marisa in New York City for a birthday celebration weekend.  My birthday was in March and Marisa's is in May so we figured it would be great to meet up in the middle to celebrate.  Marisa and I met during freshman orientation at Elon and have been friends ever since.  We don't get to see each other nearly enough so it was really nice to have 2 whole days to hang out!

We didn't do much of anything. . . except for walking ALL.OVER.THE.CITY and eating A.LOT.OF.YUMMY.FOOD.  It was very relaxing.  The tulips are in full bloom all over the city and look beautiful.  Add that to the amazing weather and it all adds up to a very good weekend.

We enjoyed a nice dinner out and then went to a nice bar for a martini.  Afterwards we ended up walking all Times Square for a little while.  NYC sure is the city that never sleeps.  It is so bright in Times Square that it doesn't even feel like it is late.  That and the fact that there are millions of people everywhere and all the stores are open!  Sopping at 11:00 PM. . . that's my kind of city!  Ha!  Oh and by the way, The Naked Cowboy really does exist.  I saw him with my very own eyes. 

On Sunday morning we got up early (well early for me but actually late for Marisa since she has two kids under 4) and we walked the Brooklyn Bridge.  I've wanted to do this for a while now and I was glad that Marisa had never done it despite being to NYC more often than me.  The weather was gorgeous and it was perfect for being outside and taking pictures.  We were amazed at just how many people were doing the same thing as us.  Quite the attraction. 

Following our walk we went to brunch and enjoyed some delicious mimosas.  Brunch wouldn't be brunch without mimosa!  I had an awesome waffle with fresh strawberries.  It was so good but much too small.  I wanted more! 

After brunch we walked over to the World Trade Center area and visited the September 11th Memorial.  I will share more about that in a post tomorrow. 

The rest of the afternoon we did more of what we do best. . . EAT!  We were too tired to do anymore walking so we took a subway back to our hotel and had a slice of pizza before checking out.  We then took a cab to one of my most favorite places on earth. . . PINKBERRY.  Would you believe that not only had Marisa never been but she had never heard of it.  I had to rectify that situation fast and she of course loved it as much as I did!

It was a great mini-vacation.  I had such a nice time walking around the city and was so thankful that Marisa new her way around.  She was a great tour guide.  NYC is so close to Boston and I want to take advantage of that and go more often.  It is such a great city (with the Yankees being the only exception)! 

I suggested to Marisa that we make this an annual event! 


  1. Looks like an awesome trip! I love all the photos, especially the flowers. :)

  2. Oh Jodi. This looks like such a FUN and BEAUTIFUL time!! Waffles and strawberries are my favorite :)
    Glad you had a fabulous weekend!!

  3. So, so jealous of your trip! I love NYC so much! That's great that you guys still remain such close friends even though you don't see each other much!

    And you went to Elon? I'm at UNC-Chapel Hill now..right down the road! Well, kinda. Haha, small world! :)

    Happy Tuesday!!

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! I haven't been to NYC since 2007. I need to go back!! Your pictures are great!


  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Those flowers are gorgeous! xo