Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I know I said I would post yesterday about my visit to the September 11th Memorial in NYC but I didn't have time or energy to do so.  So you have to wait a little longer for it.  Sorry.

How do you guys do it?  I never can find time to blog.  Ideally I would do it at work in the morning before I get too busy but that part about not getting too busy doesn't happen too often.  By the time I get home at night I'm too tired to write.  So got to figure something out. 

My Stella and Dot order shipped last night.  I can't wait to get my stuff! 

I'm loving that "nude" is the new black.  I now have nude flats, nude wedges and a nude bag!  Can't wait to wear spring clothes and my use my new nude stuff!

My apartment is a disaster area right now.  It isn't dirty - just messy - with clothes.  I got out the spring/summer clothes bins and my baskets of flip flops so need to find some time to put the winter clothes away.  I hate the twice a year switch over.  Someday I will have a huge walk in closet and will be able to leave everything in it year round!

My MS fatigue is at an unfortunate "high" right now.  My legs are weak and tingly.  I think they are still mad at me for walking all over the entire city in New York.

I love the show Smash.  Do you watch?  It is so good!  I wish it would be on all summer.

I need motivation/accountability for training for the MS Challenge walk aka a walking buddy (or buddies).  If you live in the same area as me and want to walk let me know.

I'm going to Chicago next weekend.  If you live there or have been please leave me a comment and tell me what I "must see/do" and where I "must eat/drink."  Thanks.

Yup this has been the most random post ever.  It is really all my brain could handle tonight.  Hopefully this weekend I can pre-plan a few posts for next week.  


  1. Hehe I love writing posts like this, full of lists and random comments. It is so not just you who sometimes has zero time to even open their blog!

  2. Hi there! Found you from the linkup.
    I am starting grad school for social work at Baylor! :) Happy to find you!

  3. I agree-- it's been so hard to find time to write! I try to in the morning too, but I don't always have a chance. If I don't before lunch, it's not gonna happen. Lol.

    And, I love Smash!!

  4. Cute post. Love it :)
    You've been doing a great job with keeping up with posts <3
    Have a super fun time this weekend...I want to travel somewhere!!