Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Catching Up. . .


Tomorrow is the big event!  Who doesn't love to shop for a great cause!  All day tomorrow you can shop Stella and Dot and Sweet Tea Paperie and a donation will be made to me for my fundraising for the MS Challenge Walk where I will walk 50 miles in 3 days!

Will you help spread the word on your blog by posting the above button?  I would really appreciate it!

To shop Stella and Dot go to this link and enter my name, Jodi , as hostess when you checkout.  Katelyn will donate 50% of her commission to MS. 

To shop Sweet Tea Paperie go to this link.  Shop all day tomorrow and Amanda will donate 25% of each purchase to MS! 

To see some of my favorite items go to this post.

Special thanks to Everything Fitabulous for posting about this event.

Special thanks to Preppy Girl Meets World for also posting about this event.

I don't know of these bloggers but am thankful for their help in spreading the word and I look forward to reading their blogs now!

On another note. . . the Norovirus is as bad as everyone says.  I know b/c I had it yesterday.  It was THE WORST!  I ended up in the ER getting 2 bags of fluids and felt a little better after that.  After a good night sleep I'm feeling more human today.  I had saltines and ginger ale for breakfast and so far so good.  I'll spare you the details of yesterday.  Ugh!  I really thought I had avoided it during all these months of it going around work but I guess now.  Just hoping nobody else in my family gets it since we were all together on Easter!

On the agenda for today is rest!  I need to get all my energy back for the fundraiser tomorrow night and NYC this weekend.  Just glad I got sick when I did (right after Easter and right before my event and NYC).  I wouldn't have wanted to miss any of these things.

Really hoping to see many of my local friends tomorrow night.  It is going to be a lot of fun!  For those of you not in this area - SHOP ONLINE!!!!


  1. Goodness, girl! Worst time ever to get sick! Hoping you feel better real soon! Good luck with all your events!!!!

  2. Ack! Norovirus definitely does not sound fun. I'm glad you're feeling better now. :)