Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Boston MS Walk

For the fourth year in a row The Bean Team participated in the Boston MS Walk!  It was another great year.  Unfortunately, at the last minute several team members were not able to make the walk and we missed them very much.  We still had a strong team of thirty walkers!

The Bean Team - 2012

We had green shirts for our team this year and I think they came out really nice.  My sister-in-law's uncle made them for us again this year.  The Irish Blessing on the back said:

May Your Blessings Outnumber
The Shamrocks That Grow
And Trouble Avoid You
Wherever You Go

I think our team showed up really well in the sea of orange!  The kids looked very cute in their little shirts.  We missed Peyton very much who was sick and had to stay home with my brother.  

We ended up being really lucky to get nice weather for the walk.  All day Saturday was cold and raw and then on Sunday morning the sun came out just in time for the Boston Walk.  It was in the 50s and we were warm enough without jackets which worked out well.  Soon after the walk was over the sun went away and it got cold!  All four years that we have participated in the Boston MS Walk the weather has cooperated.  So thankful for that.

We continue to fundraise but at this time The Bean Team has raised:

and I have raised:

I'm so proud that after four years we are still able to raise an amazing amount of money!  Also I'm currently fundraising for the MS Challenge Walk so I had to balance my fundraising between the two events.

Just as a reminder here is what we have raised each year:
2011  $14,470
2010  $10,920
2009  $6,275

In total for the four years we have raised $39,347!!!!!  This is even more amazing b/c this is all private donations.  We do not have any corporate or "matching" donations!  This is all from the generous friends and family members who donate.



  1. That is AMAZING!!!!! You all look great in your green shirts!!! You should be soooo proud, girl!!! That's really incredible! I love how it just keeps growing every year!!!! Congrats on what you're doing to raise MS Awareness and to help find a cure in our lifetime!!! :)

  2. Wow! Well done Jodi! What an achievement.