Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Today I went for a follow up appointment with my neurologist.  When I last saw him in January I was diagnosed with migraines and started on a new medication so he wanted to see me again to make sure it was working.  I'm pretty sure it is working but hard to tell because for the past couple of weeks I've had headaches but I'm thinking they are related to my current sinus infection.  Also the last time I was there I had routine blood work done.  Vitamin D level = great.  Vitamin B12 level = not great.  I have to add another pill to my routine and have my blood rechecked in May.  In May I will also have my annual/routine MRI. 

I love wine and plan to drink plenty of it next week while I'm on my mini vacation/staycation with Stacy.
My mom sent me this in the mail and I had a good laugh.  I literally have thought this way (many times).  Admit it you have too!?

66 degrees at 3 PM on March 8th?  YES PLEASE!!!  Today was beautiful!  I'm SO ready for spring.  Even though we lose an hour of sleep this weekend I'm looking forward to having more light in the evenings.
I ate fro you for dinner.  To me spring like weather means ice cream.  It had fruit toppings so it was healthy.


  1. Haha, that cartoon made me laugh! I hope they get everything figured out and you feel better!!

  2. Heheh I love the epic wine glass! I can definitely see how that would be useful sometimes! :P

    As for the "saving all the good stuff for my blog"...yes...I totally have thought that in the past! HA!!

  3. I hope your headaches get better soon!

  4. I'm in serious need of that wine glass!