Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meeting Blog Friends In Real Life. . .

Last night I met "Poekitten" from Many Waters.  She lives in Oregon but is originally from Massachusetts (she actually grew up in a town very close to the town where I grew up).  She is home visiting family and friends so we had the opportunity to meet for dinner!

We met at a restaurant that is somewhat new.  It is called Wicked.  I figured it was perfect for two Massachusetts gals to eat at a placed called wicked.  It was my favorite word until I went to college in the south and got made fun of and immediately stopped saying it!  Ha!  Anyways where was I?  Oh yeah dinner.  We ordered our food and passed on drinks (since Poekitten is expecting a baby girl in July)!!  We talked about everything from babies to blogging to travel to adoption. . . you name it we covered it.  

After dinner we walked over to  J.P. Licks for ice cream.  It may have been freezing out but who can pass up the delicious J.P. Licks?  Not these two girls.  We sat and talked some more and it was a lot of fun.  I'm not even sure how we can across each other through blogging but we were talking about how we both read/follow totally different bloggers.  She follows mostly military spouse blogs since her husband is currently in the navy.  She is the only military blog that I follow.  Go figure.  I love how blogging can bring people together.  We never would have known each other if it weren't for blogging!

It was a really nice experience to meet up in real life.  I know many other bloggers do it all the time.  I highly recommend it!  

Hopefully I'll be making a trip to Oregon in Aug/Sept to visit a grad school friend and if I do I'll get to see Poekitten on the left coast!

P.S. The cold I've had for 3 weeks is actually a sinus infection.  Went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and got antibiotics.  Glad I took the recommendation of a coworker and went b/c I had no idea what a sinus infection felt like!  Hopefully I'll be on the mend soon.

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