Monday, March 5, 2012

Fabulous Weekend

This weekend was fabulous and I contribute that to two main things - no work and mimosas.  Enough said.

Friday night I made a rare appearance out!  I know shocking.  I'm usually much too tired to venture out but I think knowing that I didn't have to work over the weekend gave me an extra boost of energy.  I met some friends out at a bar for a couple hours.  It was low key and nice to catch up.  I am still doing the gluten free thing so I ordered a Pear Magners since cider is gluten free!  I LOVE Pear Magners and get so happy when bars have it.  By the way have I ever told you that in Ireland Magners is called Bulmers?  Fun fact for ya today!
Saturday was a lazy relaxing day.  I woke up at 7:30 and by 9:30 was ready for a nap.  That is normal right?  Don't answer that.  When I woke up I decided to watch the Moneyball.  I LOVED it!  Have you seen it?  It is such a GREAT movie.  I love good sports (especially baseball) movies.  I have several favorite "baseball movies" and this is now being added to the top of the list.  The movie is based on a true story which I was not familiar with since I don't follow the Oakland A's.  Brad Pitt was great in it as Billy Beane.  It got me thinking. . . if Billy Bean had taken the GM job with the Red Sox how would that have changed things for them?  Hmmmmm. . . (for those of you who don't follow the Red Sox went on to win the World Series 2 years after he turned down the job breaking the "curse").  Anyways the point is that it is a very good movie/story.  I highly recommend it.
Finally after my nap and movie watching I found the energy to head out and run some errands.  I make a stop at Glutenus minimus for some gluten free cupcakes to bring to the event I was attending Sunday.  So happy that there is an awesome gluten free bakery so close to my house.  
Saturday night I spent a little time with Hunger Games.  I didn't get too far into the book before I got tired (I know pathetic but I have a cold and that just doesn't mix well with MS)!  So I'm not sucked into the book yet and I'm just waiting for it to happen.  They hype of this book and making me so anxious to get to "that part."  I love when I get to the part of a book where you literally can't put it down and will stay up all night reading it.  Hopefully that won't happen to be on a work night.  Haha!

Sunday morning I woke up and went to church.  Today I went to one of the more popular masses (as opposed to last week when I went at 5 PM) and I must say I was pretty shocked to see how empty it was.  Especially during Lent I would expect to see more people at church.  Not sure if it is just this particular church or what but an observation I made. . .

Oh and funny story.  Of course I woke up later then planned so had to rush to shower and get ready for church.  I went into bathroom and when I flipped on the bathroom light the bulb blew out.  So I got a chair and pulled off the cover to see what kind of bulb was in there.  Then went and got one and went back into the bathroom.  While I was screwing it in it fell out and landed (fortunately) into my sink but shattered into a billion little pieces.  What a mess and of course it was my last 100 watt bulb.  So got another bulb - 70 watt would have to do.  Then I had to get the vacuum and clean up the mess.  So now I was really running late!  Always has to be some excitement in my house.  (By the way in the last couple of months I broke a glass jar candle in my room and a Christmas ornament bulb in my hallway so guess this is my "third" thing for the old sang of "things comes in threes.")

After church I packed up my cupcakes and headed to the Fashion Plates brunch.  It was the first time all the models and committee members have been together since the big day last November.  It was so nice to see everyone and catch up.  I must say it is an outstanding group of woman!  I love being with a group of women who all have MS and forgetting that any of us do because there are so many other amazing things going on in everyone's lives.  One woman shared her recent vacation experiences at Canyon Ranch where she zipped lined and made fire (without matches), another shared her single parenting adventures, another shared about upcoming events she is organizing at the university where she works. . . and it goes on and on.  It just reinforces what I already know - MS does not stop people from living.  These women are perfect examples of that.  The byline for Fashion Plates is "Real Women Real Stories" and it just makes so much sense.  All of us are so much more than just MS!  I'm so grateful that I got involved with this event and I'm already looking forward to being on the committee and in the fashion show again. 
After the brunch mimosas (can you still call them mimosas when the glass is filled with champagne and then a "splash" of OJ is added?  Just wondering!  Ha!)  I really needed a nap.  So I took a nap and feel asleep thinking about how nice it was to have the whole weekend off from working.  So thankful I was able to get a sub for my supervised visitation case today.  After my nap I went to a friend's house for a visit and to pick up some scrapbooking supplies for Stacy and I.  We are heading to the Cape for a "scrapbooking weekend" while she is here visiting. 

And that folks is what I call a FABULOUS WEEKEND!  
Hope yours was too!


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend!! Glad you were able to go out with friends on Friday!

    I haven't read The Hunger Games. I saw a preview for the movie and it just didn't seem to interest me. I might try it some time. I do love when I get sucked into a book though! That happened with me and Twilight (and for the record, I was so opposed to reading the Twilight books, but once I started, I couldn't put it down!) :)

    I also liked Moneyball. I think they didn't get the Ron Washington character right though, he seemed so uptight and serious in the movie, Wash isn't like that! :)

  2. How was I not following you before?! What was I thinking? :)

    Have you lived in Ireland?? Is that how you know? I miss Bulmers! The call it that everywhere in the U.S. Pear was my fav when I wanted something sweet :)

    How have you not finished HG yet? Heheh. :) It sucked me in soooo much - couldn't stop reading!!

    Sounds like an absolutely marvelous weekend!! ox