Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Day After. . .

my birthday is kind of a let down.  Yesterday was fun. . . today I'm just older!  Ha!  I loved celebrating my birthday with my nieces and seeing things through their eyes always puts a smile on my face.  They appreciate the simple things like balloons, cupcakes, my office chair that spins, office supplies (I gave them both a notebook and crayons), the elevator, the hospital gift shop. . .

Yesterday my mother, Peyton and Ella came to my work to have lunch with me.  It was the highlight of my day, week, month.  Peyton and Ella were so excited to celebrate my birthday which made me excited too.  We don't see too many kids around the hospital so they were a big hit in the cafeteria!  All of my co-workers kept asking if they were my daughter and commenting on how much Peyton looks like me.  Since I don't have kids knowing that my niece(s) have pieces of me is really special. 

For lunch I got the girls a hamburger and french fries to share.  I got them each a plate and put the food in front of them.  Ella started eating with no complaints.  Peyton on the other hand was not too happy about the hamburger in front of her and proceeded to take the bun off the burger and dip the bun into the ketchup and eat it.  My mom said, "That's you when you were little you know."  I've heard my mom say this many times - about how at McDonalds as a kid I would never eat a hamburger. . . Strange/funny/nice that Peyton does it too.  Who knew not liking hamburgers was genetic!  Ha!

Anyways. . . yesterday afternoon I had pet therapy at work.  The volunteer who comes in knew it was my birthday (from Facebook) and brought me a gift.  She gave me a framed picture of her dog, Cooper.  It is now proudly sitting on a shelf in my office (next to all the pictures of Peyton and Ella)!  She also gave me a Starbucks gift card.  I felt so overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness.

After work I ran to DSW to use two coupons they emailed me yesterday.  One was for $20 off of $49.95 and one was a birthday coupon for $5 off and the best part was that I could combine them.  So I got a pair of $50 shoes for $25!  I should have taken a pic.  They are super cute and I plan to wear them on Easter!

After that I stopped by my cousin's house to drop off the shirts for the walk and pick up some "supplies" from Katelyn.  Katelyn (the Stella and Dot stylish) is hosting my upcoming MS Fundraiser with me and she is lending me some Stella and Dot jewelry to wear in order to "advertise" for the event.  I'  OMG love it all!  I'm so excited to wear all of it (not at the same time that would look terrible)!  I will take a pic of each thing I wear so that you can see how it looks on a "real person" in case you want to buy anything online during my fundraiser on April 12!

Since I was there I stayed for pizza and wine with Chad and Meghan.  I got to see Laney before she went to bed too.  She is at such a fun age (just turned 1) and is walking everywhere!  She waves goodbye and is saying a few words too.  She is such a cutie!

And to end off my birthday I made a stop at Target of course.  I just had to buy a few new tops to wear with Katelyn's jewelry!  Ha!

All in all it was a wonderful birthday.  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.  Facebook and twitter birthday messages reminded me all day that life is good!!  Thanks everyone!  Here's to a great year!

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  1. I know the feeling of the "birthday let down!". I always have such high expectations for my birthday that it's never quite as awesome as I think it will be and besides that, the day after is the worst because now you're older and your birthday is gone! That's why I like half birthdays- you can still have a party but not be disappointed that it's over!

    new follower :)