Monday, March 26, 2012

Celebrating My Birthday (All Week)!

I started my birthday week celebrating off to the right start yesterday with a family dinner.  I always look forward to my birthday dinner b/c it means I get to pick the meal we eat.  Since we celebrated my brother's birthday as well my mom actually cooked two meals.  We also had two cakes - marble for my brother and an ice cream cake for me (my favorite)!

Peyton and Ella were very excited to be celebrating two birthdays and REALLY enjoyed the cakes and ice cream!  Peyton helped Scott blow out his candles and Ella helped me!

I also spent some time reading this over the weekend. . .

According to my Facebook and Twitter feeds I'm the only person in America who didn't see The Hunger Games movie this weekend! Ha!


  1. Happy Birthday! A week of celebration, that would wear me out, but it's a great concept! My birthday is on Thursday, a one day affair :)

  2. I haven't seen The Hunger Games yet!! But only because I can't stand large crowds at movie theaters :-P Such a pretty photo with the two little ones! Glad you had a great weekend :-)

  3. happy birthday Jodi!! I love your blogs new look!