Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Recap {Finally}!!!

I love weekends, especially three day weekends.  Last weekend was a good one with a lot of family time!

This little lady turned 1 year old!  Can you believe Laney is already 1?  It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating her birth!  She looked adorable in her birthday outfit!

We celebrated Laney all afternoon.  Meghan made a beautiful video of Laney's first year which we all watch.  There were a lot of laugh and even some tears (Meghan's mom)!  Laney seemed to enjoy her first taste of cake!  Peyton had a lot of fun "playing" with Laney.  Unfortunately Ella got sick and wasn't able to stay at the party.  It was a great afternoon celebrating a special little girl in our family. 

On Sunday I worked for 4 hours which is never fun on a weekend but the cash in pocket puts a smile on my face.  In the afternoon my friend Joana and I went to Chipolte for lunch and then glasses shopping.  She helped me pick out a new pair of glasses.  I pick them up tonight!  

On Monday we went on a private tour and tasting at the Sam Adams Brewery.  My aunt, Cathy, "won" a raffle basket at the MS Fashion Show I was in back in November.  In the basket was a gift certificate for a free private tour/tasting for 20.  Pretty cool right!?  She invited all of my family (but a few people ended up not being able to make it last minute due to being sick) and some friends came along too.  We enjoyed tasting 3 beers - Boston Lager, Spring Alpine and Pumpkin (which isn't in stores/bars).  It was a lot of fun.  It is good to know people who win things!  Haha!  Thanks Cathy for hosting such a fun afternoon.


  1. Love her outfit! Happy Birthday to your baby!

  2. Awww, Laney is precious! Love her birthday outfit!

  3. I really like the banner in the background that shows a picture each month of her life. Cute idea!