Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two Week Gluten Free Food Trial Begins. . .

yup you read that right.  Today is the day it begins.  I'll be removing gluten, wheat, rye and yeast from my diet for the next two weeks.  I will track how I feel and if I feel better then I will likely remain gluten etc free.  Let me back up a little.  I started seeing an allergist - who also just so happens to take a holistic approach.  He is a real MD but he looks at the big picture and tried to connect the dots with everything going on with the person.  For me this is very important.  Whenever I don't feel well or have something new "wrong" with me I wonder "Is this my MS or is it just a "regular" problem?"  (Research has shown a correlation between people with MS and gluten intolerance).  So I like this doctor because he is willing to try to figure out what the heck is going on with me. . . the endless list of symptoms/problems that are a nuisance.  Things that won't keep me out of work for the day but will certainly make me feel lousy.  I'm so use to feeling lousy that I really don't even remember what it feels like to not feel lousy.  So my allergist doctor (Dr. B.) thinks that removing these foods from my diet could make a big difference.  I'm willing to give it a try and see.

I had allergy testing a few months ago.  It was a blood test known as the IgG test.  The results give a number 1 to 3 (with 3 being the most allergic) to each food.  I got a 1 for each - gluten, wheat, rye and yeast.  So while I'm not super allergic to any of these items on their own, I'm sensitive to them or intolerant.  I also got a 2 for pinto beans but I'm really not worrying about that one since I hardly ever eat pinto beans!  I also just had more blood work done, this time the IgE allergy test to see if I'm allergic to several other common foods.  I'm not really expecting anything earth shattering from those results but I won't get them until I go back in 2 weeks.  

So I've gone grocery shopping to three different grocery stores to stock up on gluten free foods.  Fortunately now, unlike years ago, there are tons of gluten free foods in the stores making it much easier to find things to eat.  And thanks to the help of a a couple of my fellow MS "models" who are gluten free I got a lot of great advice.  I also found several great blogs. 

I plan to blog about my journey over the next two weeks (and longer if I decide to stay gluten free).  Maybe I can help others with MS who are considering going gluten free.  I plan to share my "shopping list" and what I'm eating. 

And just so I remember for myself I'm going to write down all the symptoms/medical issues/complaints I have/had over the last few years.  Not commenting on if they are MS related, could be gluten related or other.  Just putting them out there so in two weeks I can see if anything feels better.

-stomach aches/bloat/gas/constipation
-muscle aches/muscle spasms
-right knee and hip pain
-stuffy nose/congestion/post nasal drip
-blocked ears

So wish we luck!  Hopefully I won't be too tempted by all the munchkins, cookies, and treats that I'm bound to run into throughout the day at the hospital!  

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  1. Good that you're trying gluten free. You might want to give it a longer trial period. My experience? I went gluten free for about 30 years. I had no problems walking. So I decided to try gluten again. Two years later, I was using a walker and cane all the time. A coincidence? Maybe, but now I can't rewrite the impact of those those two years. And, yeah, the wheat etc tasted great. Walking normally tasted better.