Monday, February 6, 2012

Just Some Stuff. . .

I'm linking up with lowercase letters for miscellany Monday because this post is a bunch of random stuff!

I'm grumpy.  Probably because I stayed up too late last night.  And maybe because my team lost the Superbowl.  Oh yeah that too.  Seriously I'm not even a big football fan but seeing the Pats lose with less than a minute left just killed me.  Ugh!  Thankfully I have baseball season to look forward to.

I did go to a Superbowl party at Noelle's house.  Noelle is from NJ and even though she doesn't really care about either team she thought she would spice things up a bit.  Fun fact - she had to make her shirt because you better believe nobody in Mass is going to sell a Giants shirt!  Ha!

I've been gluten free for 1 week today but may have cheated a little last night.  Superbowl food + gluten free eating = NO FUN!  I didn't drink any beer or eat any bread but I had a piece of chicken that had some sauce that I'm sure had some form of gluten/wheat in it.  Oh well.  I really don't feel any different in terms of my symptoms.  In fact last week I was exhausted all week and went to bed very early two nights.  Hoping I feel some kind of change this week. . . to be continued.

I love The Voice and stayed up to watch it last night.  Love this show so much!  Christina on the other hand I do not love.  What is wrong with her?  She needs to just keep her mouth shut.  Her fighting with Adam is annoying.  I think she is trying to be like Simon picking on Paula in old Idol shows but it just isn't working for her.  And don't even get me started on her boobs.  The girl needs some clothes that fit!

I mailed Stacy a birthday gift a week before her birthday.  The last time I mailed her a package it got there in less than a week.  This time it took 3.  Go figure!  I guess you can't predict with sending things overseas.  I was so nervous it had been stolen but she finally got it today and loved it.  I'm so happy!  I ordered it here and it is a silver charm of Kentucky (her home state) with a heart cut out in it.  You may remember that Stacy's mom died last year and Stacy is living in London now.  I thought this would be a great reminder for her of her home state and her mom. 

In regard to my blog. . . it is broken.  I have no idea why.  For those of you who read my blog in google reader you may not have even noticed.  For those of you have noticed don't worry I'll have a new and improved blog design in the next couple of weeks!  

I'm linking up with My Life Comes With Fine Print for Made My Day Monday because this truly did make my day. . .
I hate doing laundry but I love that for $21 I could drop off all this laundry and get it back in the same day all washed, dried and folded (If only they would put it away too)!


  1. yay thanks for linking up!!!! OMG whoever is wearing the Patriots shirt I LOVE THEM!

  2. Whoa, who does laundry for $21?? I would so do that!! Right now my laundry is taking over the floor of my laundry room, it is out of control!

    Just over a week until pitchers and catchers report! YAY!! I do want to plan a trip to Fenway, let me look at my schedule and get with ya!