Thursday, January 5, 2012

Working Gets in the Way of Blogging. . .

Does anyone else find this to be true? Last week while I was off from work I posted often. . . this week while back at work I haven't posted at all! Not only has work been busy leaving me exhausted but I've had a terrible headache for the past three days. So therefore no new posts. . . until today! So here is what has been going on with me lately:

Last Wednesday I had surgery on both feet.  I had to have the screw in each foot removed.  They were there from previous surgeries.  I had the first surgery on my right foot 2 years ago and I blogged about that here.  I had the first surgery on my left foot in 2002.  Both surgeries were worth it and I have been pain free until recently.  My right foot was giving me pain first and it was recommended by my doctor that I have the screw removed.  They the left foot was bothering me a bit too so I figured I'd get them both out at once and hopefully this will be the end of my pain and surgeries!  The recovery has been very easy compared to the former surgeries.  It was great that I had a week off to take it easy.  I did stay at my parents' house the night of my surgery and my nieces came to visit the next morning.  They were very concerned and wanted to cheer me up (with grapefruits)!  Ha!  I showed them the screws that came out of my feet and they were very impressed.  My grandparents sent me beautiful flowers which was very nice.  I got to wear some fancy shoes for several days and even got to dress them up on New Year's Eve - good thing they matched my dress! I got the stitches out on Tuesday and I'm wearing flats to work and feeling pretty good.  No pain at all in my right foot and some minor pain in the left.  According to my doctor he had to "dig" and remove some bone to get the screw out.  Nice! 

Cooper, the pet therapy dog, at my work made the newspaper again!  I blogged about the first time he was in the paper here and today it was on which is the online version of The Boston Globe.  You can read the article here.  Cooper has been such a welcomed visitor at the hospital and I'm so glad everyone is enjoying the pet therapy program so much. 

In other news. . . my upstairs elephant neighbor and her boyfriend are VERY loud.  I don't know if they are just really rude and disrespectful or clueless.  Either way it is annoying to me.  Oh and she is ALWAYS home like as in I don't think she works or EVER goes out!  So I've been debating writing a note for some time and I likely will as soon as I have time.  I think I will go with the nice approach and assume that she doesn't realize that it sounds like they are coming through my ceiling!  We'll see if it helps. . . wish me luck!

Oh and just in case I haven't mentioned before I really dislike how expensive the dentist is even WITH insurance!  I'm STILL paying off my crown and have one more payment next month.  I was making such great progress with my credit card until I got slammed with $200 copay for my surgery last week and $300 payment for the crown today.  Ugh!  I think I should marry a dentist.  They MUST make great money!!

I have nothing exciting planned this weekend.  It is the after holiday let-down.  January is looking like a boring month for me.  Just hoping it stays SNOW FREE in Mass!  I am looking forward to our MS Fundraiser at The Paint Bar.  Have you signed up?  What are you waiting for?

Well now you should be all updated about what has been going on with me.  I know - exciting stuff!  Hope everyone is having a good week at work!


  1. oh my - ouch! your poor feet! so glad it went smoothly and you are already back on them! but between the puppy and those little girls you seem pretty well taken care of =)

  2. Glad the surgery went well and you're feeling great!! Good news :-) And yes, I would leave a nice note letting them know that their neighbors are concerned about the noise, letting her know that you'd assume she would feel the same way about a loud neighbor as well, etc. Good luck with that!

  3. Oh I agree about the dentist-- it's so crazy. Even with my insurance, I have to pay a ridiculous amount for basic care! Annoying.

    Glad you're back up and on your feet! :)

  4. You sound like me as of late. I've had three surgeries in the last three weeks. Mine however were to put in a double implant. I hope your health improves!

  5. I haaaaate paying the dentist!!! Hatey hate hate.

    My husband is getting his screws removed at week 12. Thankfully it's an easy in and out and not like his last surgery three weeks ago. I'm glad you're feeling great, that's excellent!