Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Christmas Tree and Card

I decided to change up my tree a little bit this year.  I wanted to go with "girly" colors since I put my tree in my bedroom.  The hot pink with lime green ribbon that I used for my tree topper was my inspiration.  I pretty much only put on the ornaments that "matched" and I have a lot of red and green ones that are taking a year off.  Haha!  One set of lights wouldn't work so my tree doesn't have as many lights as I would like but I just haven't gotten around to buying more and at this point honestly don't see that happening.  So not perfect but I like it anyways and really enjoying having it in my bedroom since I spent most of my time at home there.

I made my Christmas card on Shutterfly again this year and went with the theme of "year in review."  Since I don't have a husband, child(ren) or a dog I figured I would have to use pics of myself!  Ha!  I tried to pick my favorite memories from the year to share and I love the way it came out.  {Written on the back in a caption for each pic}

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