Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh December. . .

Do you ever feel like all you do is work and sleep?  Well for me lately it is not just a feeling.  It is my life.  And the work part seems to be winning out to the sleep part.  I shouldn't complain b/c I am thankful to have a full time job as well as extra work which is so very helpful this time of year.  BUT. . . working 7days a week is exhausting.  I'm already exhausted most of the time living w/ MS. . . then add working a lot and not sleeping enough and you get one tired and grumpy Jodi.  So really looking forward to time off over the holidays.  Yes I'll be having surgery which is what is leading me to take time off but at least it is time off!

Christmas is in 12 days!!!  How can that be?  I swear last time I looked at my calendar it was October!  HA!  Fortunately I got some shopping done tonight after work and only have a few more gifts to get.  I even bought some gifts for children in need for a family we our sponsoring at work.   

I bought my Christmas tree on Saturday and it has been in my stand undecorated since then!  It was crocked and it was driving me crazy but I think I fixed it tonight (not before spilling a bunch of water out of the stand)!  I plan to get the lights on it tonight and then ornaments tomorrow.  I'm changing up the way I decorate it this year so I'll be posting pics to see what y'all think!

On Sunday my parents had their annual Christmas party.  Being single and childless it is always "fun" to see all their friends and neighbors who ask me the same questions every year. . . ha!  Thankfully my adorable and silly niece always make for a great distraction.  This year they put on a show and danced to Christmas music!

My first attempt at cake pops = Ella approved!
I was not too impressed w/ my cake pops but leave it to Ella to make a girl feel good.  She loved them and as soon as she was down w/ the first asked for a 2nd!  Next time I make them I will make sure the dipping chocolate is a bit thinner and I think that will work better.

A highlight of the party was Brinkley's appearance.  Kerri and Brinkley flew in from Bermuda just hours earlier and came to the party.  You may remember that I went to Kerri's baby shower this summer.  Well after she gave birth to Brinkley she went home to Bermuda pretty quickly so I never got to meet the baby.  She was worth the wait. . . so adorable!  Both Peyton and Ella did a great job holding her and when Ella was all done she said, "I think she wants you."  Too funny!

Tomorrow night I'm going to my very first Boston Bloggers event.  It is the holiday get together and I really don't know anyone else who will be there so it should be interesting.  I'm excited to meet some new people and find some new blogs.  I'll be sure to report back on how it goes!  We are doing a Yankee Swap and I'm excited about the cute gift I'm bringing!  

I participated in a blogger ornament swap and was matched w/ Kiley from Hello Kiley and she sent me a pretty silver snowflake.  I'm really excited to hang it on my tree (when I motivate to decorate it).  I'll try to remember to take a pic.

Ok I think that is enough babbling for now.  Must go put lights on my tree.  Now! 


  1. My sis and I made cake pops for a recent cookie swap - they were a hit, but that's cause my sis is an expert at them haha! I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow; I'm new to Boston (moved from Toronto) so excited to meet more Boston Bloggers :)

  2. I can't believe Christmas is so soon! I feel like this year is FLYING by!

  3. Jodi it was so nice to meet you the other night at the Boston Blogger Event!! You are such an absolute sweetheart!! I just saw about your surgery, and PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Ride to the surgical center, friend to be there when you come out of surgery, dinner for after you're out of the center, just tell me what still needs to be done and I'll be there!! AND I'M SERIOUS!! :) I went through surgery a few years ago and thought it would be cool to be tough and do it all on my own...don't do that!! :) email me! :) sjonnelcox@gmail.com