Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011 Recap

The annual entire family photo!  Yes this is my entire family (I know it is pretty small but we like it that way)!  Every Christmas we gather around the tree for a family photo.  This year was extra special because it was Laney's first Christmas and therefore her first family photo.  She was very excited.  Ha!  It is fun to look at the pictures through the years and see how we've changed.  Maybe I'll do a blog post with all the photos later this week.

Christmas this year did not disappoint.  It was filled with lots of fun, food and family!  And when I saw lots of food I mean it.  I think my mom outdid herself this year.  I'm still stuffed!  We had lots of laughs too.  The girls (me, Katelyn, Jenn and Meghan) got fans from my aunt Cathy from her trip to Barcelona.  The little girls (Peyton and Ella) really liked them.  Katelyn liked hers too and was quite the model! 

Laney seemed to have a lot of fun!  I gave her two HUGE flower headbands and she looked super cute in it (for the 2 seconds that she left it on).  Hopefully she will enjoy wearing them until she gets some more hair.  Either way she is adorable!  In addition to the fans a big hit of the day was "the box."  Why buy presents when the kids enjoy the paper the most.  Well "the box" was tried out by Peyton, Ella and Laney.  It worked as a good playpen for Laney while we did our Yankee Red Sox Swap.  And as usual Peyton is my love bug and will pose for photos with me.  Ella on the other hand not so much!  Oh and Peyton is taking after me in my love for taking pictures.  For a 2nd year in a row she took over my camera.  I'll be sure to share some of those pictures in another post.

Every year my family does a swap.  We each spend $40 on a gift and you see everything from liquor to gift certificates to scratch tickets to um. . . random items.  Ha!  Well this year out of 15 I was number 4.  Not so great.  But it really isn't about the gift it is about the fun and there was a lot of stealing fun this year!

I am exhausted and I don't know what I would have done if today was a full work day.  Christmas is exhausting and I think in the future I should take the whole week after off.  Luckily I only have to make it through one day of work and then I'm off for my (minor) feet surgery. 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  I can't believe it is over already!  More posts to come this week with some other Christmas related topics!!


  1. Great pictures!! I wasn't feeling all too well yesterday to download mine to my computer. Maybe I'll do that tonight. :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!


  2. Looks like an amazing time! And your family is bigger than mine. Haha.