Thursday, December 1, 2011

A benefit of working in a hospital is. . .

the gift shop!  Do you want to know why?

Well last week it was raining.  REALLY.HARD.  So being the smart person I am I wore my new boots to commute to work.

Cute right?  Yes cute for commuting to and from work but not so cute if YOU FORGET YOUR SHOES!  Yup forgot to bring shoes to wear to work.  Great!  Oh and did I mention that these boots are rubber and VERY hot!

Thankfully I work in a hospital which means I have a store in my work aka the hospital gift shop.  Oh boy was I excited when I remember that the last time I was in there I noticed these. . .

Now of course when I saw these handy little shoes that come in a purse like holder. . . why is the hospital gift shop selling these?  Nobody will need these in the hospital.  Oh but was I wrong because I.NEEDED.THEM.  Oh so thankful that they were there!  They now have found a home in my desk drawer just in case I ever need them again! :)

And that my friends is just one of the benefits of working in a hospital!  The.end.

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