Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Warning:  my weekend was not very exciting so bear with me!!!
On Saturday morning I met Kendall at a craft fair.  We had fun shopping around and managed to pick up a few Christmas gifts and a few things for ourselves.  Do you like my hat?  I was trying it on for size b/c Kendall was buying a pink and green owl hat for Riley and this one looked huge which it was!  No I didn't buy this hat but I did get a hot pink wrap that looks like a hat and I LOVE it!
After craft fairing it w/ Kendall I had to head to work.  I've been doing a lot of per diem work on weekends lately supervising visits.  It is great money but I'm exhausted!  We went to Gloucester for a hike and it was beautiful out.  There is still a lot of pretty colors on the trees so it was really nice.  (Do you like my hat/wrap thingy?)
 The kids were playing with their mom and I was sitting and goofing off on my iPhone and my instagram app. 
When the iPhone updated I think the instagram app did too b/c there seem to be new choices on there.  Anyone else notice that?  Well as you can see I was trying a bunch of them out.   After working Saturday afternoon I did a bunch of errands then went home and relaxed knowing I would have to get it up and do it all over again on Sunday!
On Sunday it was another BEAUTIFUL day.  I worked but at least got to enjoy some time outside.  We went to Jamaica Pond so that they could throw the ball for the dog (and she went swimming b/c it was just so warm)!
I sat and enjoyed the warm sun on my back.  After work I went to meet Cara for lunch.  I took her out for a belated birthday get together at Chilli's.  I've been obsessed w/ Chilli's chips and salsa and chicken enchilada soup lately.  Yum.  I could eat that every day!  It was nice catching up b/c it is always too long in between our get togethers.  When I got home last night I was so exhausted I collapsed in bed.  My legs were screaming at me for doing so much over the weekend. 

Thankfully I had already planned to take today off from work.  I was so in need to a day to rest.  I've pretty much done nothing all day.  My big accomplishment was putting clean sheets on my bed and going to the bank to deposit my earnings for this weekend.  Pretty exciting stuff!

So now just have to make it through 4 days of work this week and 4 days of work next week b/c I have Friday the 18th off for my modeling debut in the MS Fashion Plates fashion show!!!!

I'm linking up with Savanah and Erin for "Fun With Our Phones Monday." 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend to me! I love craft fairs!

  2. I love instagram pictures! I have a similar app for Droid but they never turn out as cool as the instagram ones!

  3. I LOVE your hats!! :) And Instagram is awesome by the way! I can't wait to hear about your modeling debut!