Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Long Weekend That Wasn't Long Enough. . .

4 days in a row off from "real job" (at the hospital) but worked all day Friday and half a day Saturday at my "other job" so that combined w/ many family events made for a very busy weekend that went by way too fast!

On Saturday we celebrated Peyton's 4th birthday.  I really can't believe she is going to be 4 tomorrow.  How did that happen!?  She had a friend party in the morning at the local bowling alley and then the family party in the afternoon.  She's one busy gal w/ so many parties!!  Oh and of course it was a princess party!

Peyton got plenty of gifts including a certain doll that Ella was absolutely in love w/ and got pretty upset when she couldn't play w/ it the entire time.  Thankfully there were plenty of other toys to go around!  Just a preview of what Christmas will be like this year.  I got Peyton an adorable outfit as well as the game Memory and let me tell you she is really good at it!  She really did beat me for real w/o me letting her!  Ha!  Then I played w/ Ella and she wasn't too bad either.  So fun that they are old enough to play games w/ now.

My parents gave Peyton 2 dress up outfits - a vet and a hairdresser but thanks to kids imagination the vet can also be a doctor (see Ella taking care of baby) and the hairdresser can also be a dog groomer (Peyton had that stuffed dog looking great)!  I love the picture of Peyton blow drying baby's hair b/c she is making the sound w/ her mouth then we figured out that if you put a battery in it actually works and makes the noise by itself!  Haha! 

On Sunday I went to Owen's baptism.  He is such a sweetie but feeling a little hungry during the ceremony!  Luckily a bottle did the trick.  We all went back to Kendall's house after the baptism and enjoyed some yummy food and of course cake.  Riley had a sweet in her hand every time I turned around.  I joked that she had all 4 food groups - cookies, brownies, cake and ice cream! 

All and all it was a great weekend.  I even managed to squeeze in a little shopping and got myself a new GPS.  Much Christmas shopping still needing to be done. . .

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