Monday, November 21, 2011

Fashion Plates - More Photos!

As I mentioned in my Fashion Plates recap post there were several professional photographers at the event.  I'm so excited to see all of the photos they took.  Here are some of the beautiful photos that  ASA Photographic took!
The room looked beautiful!  I still can't get over how many people where there - over 400!
Piper, our fearless leader, is the Fashion Plates committee head and volunteers much of her time to make Fashion Plates an amazing event!
Lori Grande,DJ from Country 102.5 and Lisa Lynch, stylish and owner of Ports and Company did a wonderful job introducing the models and of course talking about the clothes!
 Here I am in outfit number 1. . . what do you think?  {Maybe looking a little nervous here!?}
Ahhh looking a bit more relaxed. . . love those earrings!
Outfit number 2. . . this gorgeous dress is a burnt orange color (hard to tell in the photo due to lights).
Lori, Piper and Staci who is the staff person responsible for organizing this amazing event. This was her first year and I must say she did an outstanding job!
Fashion Plates Committee (minus me). . . I'm SO depressed that I missed being in this photo.  I was out front buying the dress and didn't know they were doing it.  I will need to be photo shopped in!  Ha!  All of these women are wonderful and I enjoyed getting to know them at our committee meetings.  Thanks ladies for volunteering your time to make Fashion Plates an outstanding event!
Oh and don't worry. . . I'm sure there will be even more photos to follow!!


  1. Cool! Gee, I haven't been able to wer shoes like that for ages.

  2. Looking good! I like the shot of you wearing the orange dress, so styling!! :)