Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Jodi Bean's Blog,

Sorry I've been neglecting you.  I've been busy.  Working at the hospital.  And working my per diem job to make extra money (to pay crazy high dentist bill and car repair bill).  I've been busy which makes me tired and trying to get a lot of sleep which means not turning my laptop on after work which means no blogging.  THE END
Love, Your author, Jodi Bean

But tonight I'm breaking all the rules and turned on the laptop for some long overdue blogging b/c I know y'all miss me dearly (right!?).

So let's catch up.  I think I'm getting a cold which I'm not at all happy about b/c the MS Fashion Show is THIS Friday and I MUST be healthy!  On and speaking of Fashion Plates I had my fitting at Ports and Company with Lisa (the owner) and the outfits I'll be modeling are gorgeous.  Oh and the earrings I'm wearing are TO.DIE.FOR.  I'm so in love with them I can't stand it.  I can't wait to show you pictures of everything!  A few hints - outfit one - dressy/classy/orange, outfit two - casual/chic/purple, outfit three - sassy/fun/teal.  Yup that's all you get for now.  But don't worry there will be plenty of pictures following the fashion show.
My grandmother "Ma" celebrated her 85th birthday on November 10th.  My mom went down to Florida to celebrate with her and I love that even at 85 years old young she still knows how to enjoy her fave martini!  So happy for the healthy years she has had and hoping for many more! 

In other completely unrelated news. . . while driving in my hometown with my mom and the girls we saw some Thanksgiving escapees.  These two were very upset that all of their friends are on the other side of the fence.  Not sure why they just didn't fly to the other side but guess turkeys aren't known for their smarts!  The girls got a kick out of them!

I ordered the newspaper article from my "Cutting For A Cure" event.  They printed the whole story on one page and on nice paper.  I then picked up a frame at A.C. Moore and it now hangs in my office.  I love the way it looks and think it is such a nice addition to my work space!

I am totally in love with the beautiful warm weather we have been treated to this November.  It has been so nice to be able to spend so much time outside and not have to bundle up in heavy coats, gloves, hats, boots, etc.  I hate winter so the shorter it can be the better!  I also love that the colors of the trees are still looking beautiful.  All in all (minus the crazy Halloween snow storm) it has been a great fall weather wise!

So there you have it.  That's what has been going on w/ me the last several days.  Not too exciting but such is life.  Hoping to have more time for blogging but not sure since work and per diem schedule are still looking pretty busy for the next couple of weeks.  I'll make sure to update after the fashion show for sure!!

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  1. Can I just say if you don't like winter, you should come to Texas. We usually average in the 70s most of the time around here during Nov/Dec. :) There is usually about one week or so of really cold temperatures, then it warms up.

    Your grandmother looks great, happy birthday to her!! Cheers Ma!! :)