Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hair Donations Through The Years

I've donated my hair three times so I guess that makes me kind of an expert!  Ha!  I thought I would show a few pictures from each time I donated and provide a little info about the organization I donated to.
In 2004 I donated my hair for the first time.  My hair was very long but I was too scared to go too short so I didn't chop it all off.  I gave just over 10 inches to Locks of Loves.  I had it done live on the air during the Matty in the Morning Show on Kiss 108.  The stylish was from a fancy salon on Newbury Street (sorry can't remember which one all these years later)!  It was a fun experience and I guess I wasn't too traumatized b/c I did it again two years later. . .
In 2006 Jenn and I donated our hair together.  She had gotten married that July and then we were both bridesmaids in wedding that October.  We knew we wanted to keep it long for weddings then would be ready to donate.  We chose to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths which only requires 8 inches.  I can't recall exactly how much I donated but pretty sure it was more than 8.  It was really fun doing it together.
Now here we are 5 years later. . . I really can't believe it has been that long since I last donated.  I guess I never really thought I would let my hair get this long again.  But over the summer I realized it was pretty long and that if I didn't cut it for a few months I'd be able to donate it and my idea for "Cutting For a Cure" was born.  This time I donated to Pink Heart Funds and had it cut by Halo Studio.  I gave 8 inches this time.  One great thing about this organization is that they take most types of hair including color treated hair.  This time my hair had long layers and they accepted that too.

I think all three organizations are amazing.  They make wigs for women and children w/ cancer and other medical problems for free!  Have you ever donated your hair?  Any other organizations out there I should know about?

Not sure if I'll ever donate my hair again. . . but we do plan to host Cutting For A Cure again next year so if you are in MA and would like to participate start growing your hair now!

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  1. You never ceases to amaze me! My hair has never been long enough to donate, but should it ever get to that point, I would definitely do it. Good luck with growing it out again!