Monday, September 19, 2011

Wonderful Weekend {Recap} and Fall Blog Challenge

Another great weekend that went by way too fast. . .
The weekend started out at Fenway Park.  Taylor (the 14 yr old I mentor) and I went to the Red Sox game and FINALLY saw a win AND had good weather.  Taylor and I have been to many games and the Sox either lose or the weather is freezing and rainy or all of the above!  Haha!
We took some self portraits but were usually laughing too much to get a good one!

While I was trying to get Taylor to take a pic of me I was taking pics of myself (while making funny faces) and I think she thought I was crazy.  But it worked and she finally took a pic w/ me!!  I got to catch up w/ one of my former adoptive couples at the game too.  Gotta love FB - they posted they were at the game and they were sitting not far from us.  So nice to see them!

Taylor slept at my apartment that night so that we could do one of our favorite things on Saturday.  We went apple picking at Honey Pot Hill in Stow.  We've been there before and both really like this orchard.  It was the most BEAUTIFUL day and we had a lot of fun.

We got to pick apples and pears and of course we made sure to sample several (just to make sure they were ok)!  My favorite is Gala and Taylor's favorite is Macintosh.  We got plenty of both!

After we had too many apples to carry we went to the farm store, ate lots of food including my fave cider donuts, saw the pigs and goats, and ran into Sam and Jake (the twins I babysit).  We all did the hedge maze together.  Taylor and I have done it before and let me tell you - we were no better at it this time.  We all kept getting lost and it took us a while to find the center but we finally did!  We had such fun.  Apple picking is one of  my most favorite fall activities so I'm glad I knocked it off my list early and still have time to do many more fun fall adventures!

On Sunday I had to work supervising a visit for a family.  I hate working on weekends but really can't pass up the money especially when I just had to get new brakes on my car this week!  Fortunately the visit was outside so I got to make the most of another beautiful day. 

We went on a hike to an overlook in Gloucester.  When we got to the top there was a beautiful view!

After our hike we went to Woodman's for lunch and enjoyed views of the salt marshes.  Woodman's is where scenes from the movie  Grown Ups was filmed!  It is a very popular restaurant and I had actually never been there before (likely due to the fact that I don't eat seafood) but I learned that they have gluten free batter for their fried fish so I though my friends w/ celiac disease would like to know that.

Sunday afternoon when I finished working I was exhausted and really wanted to go home and take a nap.  But I went and did some silent auction "soliciting" in my neighborhood.  Jodi Bean's 2nd Annual Fundraiser for MS is October 15th and that date will be here before I know it.  Got to get to work.  If anyone would like to make a donation for my silent auction please email me.  I will advertise your donation/site/blog/shop on my blog and FB page!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
I'm participating in the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge.  In case you haven't noticed my blog has been a little shall we say quiet lately. . . I've been so busy and just too tired at night to blog.  Well this will give me ideas/topics to blog about every day for 2 weeks so I thought it would be fun.


I've just told you about one in this post.  I LOVE apple picking and make sure to go every fall.  It really gets you in the mood for the season.  I also love making apple crisp.  I like crisp better than pie.  Hoping to have time in the next few days to do some baking.

Every fall I look forward to seeing my nieces in their Halloween costumes.  They get so excited to get dressed up and look so cute.  I already know what they are going to be this year and they are sure to be adorable!  To check out their costumes from past years go here.

Foliage is another favorite part of fall for me.  Here in New England we get the most beautiful colors.  Just driving to work everyday is like a mini sightseeing tour.  I look forward to the changing of the leaves every year.

Of course I love the treats that come with fall from cider donuts, apple cider, carmel apples, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and much more!  Fall is a yummy time of year.

Oh and hopefully seeing the Red Sox in the PLAYOFFS!  

Hope you enjoyed reading about some of my fall traditions/favorites.  Join in with Neely and Amber.


  1. I can't imagine seeing a baseball game in September and it be freezing! ;) I love the pictures. It looks like y'all had fun!

    I love apples and pears. I've never had them fresh off the tree before (is that weird??)


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