Monday, September 26, 2011

Three Years Ago Today. . .

My life changed in an instant. . .

"You have MS" was all it took. . .

and here I am today, a changed woman.  For the better?

I'm not sure.  Stronger, yes.  Braver, yes.  

Who knew I was capable of surviving this? 

Learning to be a health activist, advocate, fundraiser, event organizer and a patient. . .

I now know I am capable of all of these things and so much more still yet to be seen.

MS picked the wrong person when stopping by my body. 

I will continue to be strong and brave, to advocate, to raise money and awareness. . .

until there is a cure!  

MS has brought many negative things to my life but why focus on those?  MS has also introduced me to amazing people who I likely never would have met.  

MS motivated me to start a blog and what an amazing journey blogging has been.  So thankful for all of the friends I've made through blogging.

MS had forced me to try things I may have never, ever tried.  Like walk 50 miles in 3 days next September at the MS Challenge Walk.  To model in a fashion show for MS this November.  To be a health activist through many avenues and to speak for those who cannot. To organize fundraisers.  To raise over $30,000 in three years with The Bean Team. 

I never expected that this would be my life.  But my life it is an what an amazing life that is.  I'm so thankful for the continued support of my family, friends, colleagues, donors, and everyone else!  

To read my diagnosis story go here.


  1. You are most def an inspiration Jodi! I can't imagine how much stronger and braver you are now. Very awesome.

  2. You are such an inspiration! I really admire you! :) I'm so glad that we have "met". Can't wait for our Girls Weekend!!


  3. You are such a trooper and I admire you so much!! I knew you were living with MS but I just now read your diagnosis story. I'm so glad you didn't have to live with not knowing and you found out quickly. Does MS run in your family? 2 of John's aunts both have MS. They live in NY. One is doing better than the other one but it's still hard. I admire you so much for telling your story!!!

  4. You are an amazing, inspirational, motivating woman. I thought I was following your blog all along. I have been reading it regularly, but just realized you aren`t coming up in my reader. I am an official follower now, finally!