Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MS Challenge Walk 2011

This past week was the MS Challenge Walk on Cape Cod.  For those of you who don't know what that is it is 50 miles in 3 days.  The walkers walk 20 miles Friday, 20 miles Saturday and 10 miles Sunday.  Many of the miles are walked to the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  The majority of the walkers and crew stay at the Cape Cod Sea Camps which is where all of the meals and events happen too.  My mom and I did crew for the 2nd year in a row.  To read about our experiences last year go here.  For the first time The Bean Team was represented at the Challenge Walk by my sister-in-law Jenn and my cousin-in-law Meghan.  They walked 50 miles and have already committed to doing it again next year (and somebody else may have too but more about that later).

This year was the 10th Anniversary and the theme was "Welcome to the Circus."  There was plenty of circus related decorations, food (popcorn and cotton candy), clowns and acrobats!  On the 1st day my mom and I spent the day decorating the Big Top Tent for that night. 

These two women from Airly Acrobatics performed on the trapeze and using silk.  It was outstanding!  I loved watching these two women who are incredibly strong but also so graceful.  

Day 1 - Opening ceremonies were on the Village Green in Hyannis.  After that Jenn and Meghan were off to walk 20 miles and my mom and I went to the Sea Camps to begin our day.  We made sure to make it to the finish line at the Sea Camps to see Jenn and Meghan come in.  They looked great!  They were off to soak their feet and have massages.  Good rewards after walking 20 miles!  After dinner and the evening program it was time for bed.  Lights were off by 9 PM in our cabin!  Wake up call comes early!

Day 2 - They were off for another 20 miles.  Once they were gone the crew got busy breaking down things from the day before and decorating for the evening candlelight program.  We decorated the "wall of hope" and did some "chalk" drawing to welcome the girls back.  We again greeted them at the finish line.  The evening program for Saturday night is always very special and inspirational.  There were two special speakers - a husband of a woman w/ MS and a 10 year walker who has MS.  Both shared their personal stories and what the Challenge Walk has meant to them.  Always a special part of the weekend.  At the end we light candles while a poem is read.

Day 3 - "Only" 10 miles today!  The walkers were off and we welcomed them in at the pre-finish line in Dennis.  We all enjoyed lunch together and then loaded buses to Hyannis.  All the walkers, staff and crew walked down Main St. in Hyannis together.  Family and friends were waiting for us on the village green to cheer us in.  Jenn and Meghan did such a great job.  Despite blisters and sore bodies they walked all 50 miles!  So proud of them for their commitment and for raising over $3,000 for MS.

We stayed in the same cabin as last year.  Lucky #13!  We sleep in bunk beds (luckily we all got bottom bunks) and we have bathrooms but no showers.  We have to walk to another building to take a shower.  So kind of roughing it.  It is about as close to camping as I'm going to get these days.

Peyton, Ella and Laney were very happy to see Jenn and Meghan.  Lots of hugs and kisses were given.  My dad, my brother Timmy, my cousin Chad and cousin Katelyn all greeted us too.  So thankful for all of their support!

It is really hard to put to words how amazing this event is.  You just have to be there and experience it to really "get it."  You get to be around so many wonderful people both w/ MS and w/o.  So awesome that over 600 walkers and over 200 crew members come together to raise over 1 million for MS!  Together we are truly making a difference and helping to find a cure for MS.  Someday we hopefully won't need to do a fundraising walk and will just all get together for a big celebration party - celebrating a cure!

So feeling truly inspired by the even and by my Jenn and Meghan I have decided to actually walk the walk next year.  I must be crazy.  My body may hate me afterwards but I just want to experience it from the walkers perspective.  So what do you say?  Want to walk with me?  Want to crew with my mom?  The Bean Team is welcoming new members!!!!

To join The Bean Team go here.


  1. Great pictures! Thank you for doing crew from Palmer's Pals! I'll see you on the trail next year!

  2. That's so, so cool. I cannot imagine walking 20 miles in a day, much less 50 in three days! What a great support system you have. :)

  3. Congrats to your team! Amazing stuff. I'm tired just reading about it :)