Friday, September 30, 2011

Catching up. . .

Where the heck did this week go?  So happy it is Friday and looking forward to relaxing this weekend but also hoping to get a lot done (especially stuff for my upcoming fundraiser).  Today was a long and emotionally draining day at work so the weekend is coming at a perfect time.  Today I did the kind of social work I like best but it also takes the most out of you.  I sat with, counseled and supported a large family before, during and after they had their mother's life support removed.  This is the kind of work I'm best at - what I'm meant to do - and I enjoy it. . . but it is exhausting and draining and sad.  I get to go home and put it behind me.  The family has to adjust to a new life - one without their mother who was very special to all of them.

On another note, don't even get me started about the Red Sox.  I went to bed on Wed night w/ the Red Sox winning and Tampa Bay losing (by a lot like 7) so needless to say I thought I was save to go to sleep.  WRONG.  Talk about being in shock when I woke up on Thur morning.  Disgusted.  So sad the Red Sox are done but there is always next season.

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
And now for the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge that I clearly stunk at keeping up with this week (and last but who's keeping track?!)  So here we go.

Day 8: Fall travel/road trips
Fortunately since I live in New England I don't have to go far to enjoy all that fall has to offer.  On a daily basis I see leaves of beautiful colors, pumpkins, scarecrows, and other fall decorations.  I do enjoy getting away for long weekends but this year I don't have any fall trips planned.  Outside of New England I LOVE wine county in the fall.  I've been in Sept twice and it is so beautiful that time of year.  Last year I went to CA and spent a couple of days in wine country.  Go here to read about that trip.

Day 9: Favorite football pastimes
Ok I know this might upset some of you and please don't stop reading my blog just b/c of this but I'm not really into football.  GASP!  For one I don't really understand the rules and just never really cared to learn them.  I'll watch a game here and I certainly enjoy "football food" but that is about it.  The last football game I went to was Notre Dame at Boston College.  It was fun but more b/c of the teams and the rivalry.  My brother, Steph (in pic) and several other friends graduated from ND and of course I went to BC for grad school but have always been more of a ND fan from growing up w/ my brother there.

Day 10: Thanksgiving memories
I love Thanksgiving.  Any holiday that is all about yummy food is a good day in my book.  I have a small extended family so traditionally we all get together every year (although in recent years my married brother and married cousin have been going to their in-laws).  It is usually a relaxing day for me (since I don't have to do the cooking) and we always play a family game after dinner - our two favorites are "skat" which is basically trying to get 3 cards in the same suite as close to 31 as you can and "left, right, center" which is a dice game.  We play both for money and even though it isn't much it is always fun to win! 

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  1. Your job sounds so difficult, but the world is lucky to have people like you who help others get through some of the most difficult, saddest challenges of their entire lives. Props to you! Sorry to hear about the Sox big loss. Also, I love Thanksgiving. Canada celebrated this past weekend, and I was foolish enough to book my flight back to Denmark just before the holiday. It is one of my favorites. Nothing beats good food and time with family.