Monday, August 8, 2011

My Monday In iPhone Pictures

I'm so happy that I took a vacation day today.  I love having an extra day off.  The day started off lazy which was nice.  My mom and grandmother are addicted to LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) and have it on all the time.  So I saw bits and pieces of terrible movies all weekend long! :)

 The 3 of us finally ventured out for some lunch.  We went to the A&W Root Beer Stand.  I'm not a big soda drinker but root beer is a frosted mug always taste good!  When we were leaving we noticed a Basset Hound (one of my fave dog breeds) in the car next to ours.  He/she was so sweet and I am happy to announce that I did not have an allergic reaction after petting him/her.  So there is still home for me to have another Basset in my future!
After lunch I packed up my car to head home.  I stopped at the Christmas Tree Shop by the bridge.  I am on a hunt for a large ceramic pot b/c I need to transfer a plant that has grown a bit too big for the current pot.  No such luck!  
 This is the necklace I bought this weekend that I referred to in my post yesterday.  I have been eyeing this necklace since last summer but never bought it due to not wanting to spend the money.  This weekend I went for it!  I love it!  What do you think?
 Now I am home.  After a long weekend at the Cape and almost 3 weeks of dog sitting my house is a disaster - filled w/ bags from all my travels.  This week I'll have to get organized before it gets even more out of control! 

Home Sweet Home (just in time to watch some trash tv that is the Bachelor Pad)!

P.S. I'm linking up w/ Savanah and Erin today for their new blog hop! 


  1. Thank you SO much for linking up with us today!!
    I love all of your pics! Rootbeer is one of my favorite drinks :-P

  2. My husband has been trying to talk me into those root beers for years. He swears by the cold glasses! Thank for sharing, I may just have to give them a try!

    Thanks for linking up today!