Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Childhood Faves (Oh, How Pinteresting!)

Let me just start out by saying that this week has been crazy (yes I do realize it is only Wed morning but believe we when I tell you it feels like it has been much longer.)  I've had a VERY complicated case going on at work for the past 6 months that has been causing a lot of stress.  Yesterday was a big day (sorry I would love to go into detail but due to confidentiality I really can't elaborate) and today we should get some news that will help us move forward.  So I will be anxiously awaiting the "news" and trying to distract myself at a domestic violence conference type thing that I'm going to today as part of my role as hospital social worker and MAAV board member.

Anyways. . . on to more interesting stuff.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE pinterest?  Lately I've noticed a lot of people pinning things from the past and I just had to pick out a few of my childhood faves to share w/ y'all.

Do you remember pogo balls?  I had a blue and gray one and my brother had a red and black one.  I loved this thing.  I can remember bringing it to recess at school and jumping all over the place.  So much fun!

I must have had 100 ponies.  I loved playing w/ these little friends.  I had many accessories for them too.  I never liked Barbie but I loved My Little Pony! 

Ok so wish I was the one to invent these silly toys!  I had an entire basket filled w/ koosh balls.  All different sizes and colors.  I loved playing with and collecting these things.  Not sure why!

Do they still make these?  I can't even remember if they were comfortable but I know I had a pair in every color when I was little.  Now I can't even decide if I think they are cute or cheesy but I know I loved them as a kid!
Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

Did you  have one of these awesome plastic necklaces with all of the charms?  I remember "trading" charms w/ friends and being so excited to get a "new" charm to add to my collection!
Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

I could do an entire post on these little friends.  I had (well I should save have since they are in my parent's attic packed away for my future children or my nieces) 12 CPK.  Yes 12!  I could probably still tell you all of their names too.  Haha!  CPK was one of my most favorite things as a kid.  I loved dolls and played w/ these all the time.  One of my favorite memories is one day after school my mom picked me up and told me that The Fair (a store kind of like a Target today) had just gotten in some CPK (as they were impossible to get your hands on) and she was taking me to get one.  We went over and I got to pick one out to add to my collection.  I actually can't remember which one I got that day but I think it was "Laura" w/ the light brown hair in a pony tail w/ a pink dress (Mom do you remember?)  Did anyone else love CPK as much as me?
Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

Gymp will always remind me of summer and camp.  I was the gymp queen.  I could do square, circle, zipper, butterfly, etc.  I loved doing gymp and thought it was really cool that camp had so many colors to choose from!

Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

So there you have it - a bunch of my childhood fans via Pinterest.  Were any of these your favorites as a kid? Anything I'm forgetting that you think I might have loved?

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  1. KOOSH BALLS!!!!! Those things ROCKED! And the Cabbage Patch Kids were my ultimate fave - after Barbies of course... LOL There was (is?) a cabbage patch kids store in North Georgia and we would always go when we were on our way out of the state - they all grew in a cabbage patch inside the store and they'd announce each time one was "born". I friggin' loved that place - it was like Disneyland to me! See? LOL

  2. I had a Pogo Ball! It was black and red. My driveway was on a hill so I would try to go up and down it without killing myself! :)

    I also had My Little Pony (Ponies?) and a Cabbage Patch Kid. I had the bald CPK. I found her birth certificate not too long ago while I was going through a box of junk. I have no clue where she is now (how sad, what a terrible CBK mom I was!)

    I loved my Jelly Shoes! I had a bright neon orange pair that I wore ALL THE TIME.

    Ah, memories!!


  3. Oh my gosh! I forgot all about most of these things! Although this is the first I've heard of the charm necklace :)

  4. I had a million koosh balls!! And those charm necklaces/bracelets-- loved those!! Awesome post. :)

  5. Jellies! Oh how I miss them! I feel like I took a step back in time!