Monday, August 29, 2011

Crafty Weekend

I had big plans for the weekend until. . . Irene changed said plans.  I was going to Asbury Park, NJ to visit my friend Rhonda and her family.  Well that got pushed back to Labor Day weekend (which is good since they ended up having to evacuate to a hotel)!  Then I had planned to go to the Cape to hang w/ my parents and my nieces who were having a "vacation" at Grammy and Grampy's.  Well thanks to Irene that didn't happen either.  So I found myself with an entire weekend w/ no plans.  Quite unusual for me.  I am always over planning my weekends and usually am exhausted for doing so.  This weekend was different.  It was filled with staying home, relaxing, watching tv, scrapbooking, getting crafty and taking a lot of naps!!!!  It really is amazing to me just how much sleep my body needs especially when my MS is "acting up." 

So my first project of the weekend was this:

I saw this idea online of a shirt that says "Preschool Rocks" and knew I could make one for Peyton who is starting preschool for the first time.  I went to AC Moore to pick out some letters and fell in love with these.  How cute are these lady bug letters?  Then I bought the actual lady buys separate.  They are all iron on.  I went to Old Navy to find shirts with no luck and then to Carters where I found this one.  I liked it b/c it had the flower on the top which made it girly.  The ironing on process took some time but I think it came out pretty good.  I emailed a pic of it to my mom so she could show Peyton and she really liked it!

And of course I would never made something for Peyton w/o making something for Ella so this is what I did for her:
I went back and forth on what to write on hers.  I was thinking of "Don't Bug Me" or "Bug Off" since Ella is at the adorable age of 2! :)  But then I got to thinking about Ella and dance came to mind.  She LOVES to dance so I knew this would be perfect.  I know they will be anxious to wear them but they might have to wait a few weeks for some cooler temps! 

I also did some "scrapbooking" this weekend.  It isn't the traditional type of scrapbooking that I usually do but I did a couple of fun projects and I'm happy since I haven't done any in SO long!  I made an album of my English Vacation from May.  I am really happy w/ how it came out.  I still need to do some journaling and finishing touches but it looks great.  Here are some pages (don't mind the glare these were taken w/ my iPhone and there is a clear protective sheet over each pic):

Then tonight I did another smaller project.  My nieces had professional photos taken in July and I order some so I wanted to put them in a mini scrapbook.  I just used what I had so some of the colors are "creative" but I think it came out nice.

I got this cute little album at Christmas Tree Shop for $1!  Love that.  The other album is from Creative Memories.  I had never used that style of album before but I like it and think it is good for a quick project.

So that was my crafty weekend!  Now I have a huge mess of paper scraps to clean up off my bed!!!


  1. I love your scrapbooks!! I wish I was crafty like that. Super cute.

  2. I wish I had your talent to make cute shirts like that.

    Your scrapbooks look great! So wish we were closer, I could have a "scrapping" buddy. Your nieces are adorable!! I love those pictures.


  3. What cute shirts!!!
    I really need to start scrapbooking. I have tons of stuff from the beginning of me and John dating up until now and would love to scrapbook it!
    Thanks for linking up again! :)