Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Corkey's Staycation

Hi, My name is Corkey.  I am an eight year old Wheaton Terrier.  I live with my family in Medford and they decided they needed a vacation to CA for 2 whole weeks w/o me.  I was sad that I couldn't go w/ them but then happy when I heard my old friend Jodi who took care of me last summer would be back again.

We did a lot of fun things together while my family was on vacation and I may have been just a little spoiled (but don't tell my family)! Jodi's other doggy friend Lucy came for a sleep over one night.  I really wanted to play w/ Lucy but she didn't like me too much.  I tired really hard by letting her sleep in bed with me and gave her lots of kisses!

We sure did have one thing in common - we both wanted to come into the house {for more cookies}!
We took a car ride and dropped Lucy off at her house and I was happy b/c I had Jodi all to myself again! 
I got to have Frosty Paws ice cream on a hot afternoon and I really liked that! 
I loved going on car rides w/ Jodi and I especially loved to put my face up to the AC vent.  Not only did it cool me off but it gave me styling hair!
We went to visit Jodi's cousin's baby, Laney who lives right near me!  We took a walk and then played in the backyard.  I really liked Laney and made sure to kiss her toes a few times.  I also had fun watering the plants w/ Meghan and drinking from the hose.
Another day Jodi took me to her parent's house.  I really liked her dad b/c he shared his food w/ me.  I got to have a lick of his yogurt when he was done!  I also got to play outside w/ Jodi's brother's dog Neely.  She was really fast and a little too active for me! 
While Neely ran all around the yard I just watched.  She is just a puppy and I sure don't have that kind of energy anymore! 
Many nights while Jodi was getting ready for bed I would jump into her stop to get it warm for her!  She didn't seem to like that too much and would tell me to get to the foot of the bed or to the floor!
Another day during my staycation Jodi took me on a playdate to Bella's house.  Bella is a Wheaton too and she had just been shaved.  She looked so little w/o all her fun.  We had fun playing together.  We ran all around the backyard then went inside to cool off.  Bella even shared some treats w/ me. 
My happiest part of the day was in the evening when Jodi came home from work.  I would jump up on the couch to watch TV w/ her and gave her lots of kisses.  I really liked kissing her legs but I don't think she liked that too much.  She kept telling me to stop!  I am just glad she isn't allergic to me like she is to Neely and Lucy.
Oh and Jodi introduced me to a new show, The Bachelorette.  We watched it together one night and I can't understand why she likes that show.  Ashley is not the brightest human I've ever seen.  I hope she picks Ben b/c I've heard he has a cute dog.  I like humans who like dogs.
When we weren't inside we were sitting on the porch enjoying the weather (on the cooler nights). 

I had a fun staycation with Jodi!   

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  1. Haha! Love this. :) My dogs were hoping for Ben too b/c he has a Jack Russell terrier, and that's what they are. Lol!!