Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cape Weekend (So Far. . .)

Yes "so far" b/c I took tomorrow off from work so my weekend isn't over yet! Love long weekends!  Friday night I bolted out of work and got on the road to the Cape.  Of course I hit traffic through Boston so it took me a little longer than usual to get there.  Jaime and I met in Hyannis at Tommy Doyle's for a quick Sam Summer then went to see The Hyannis Sound.  We saw their show together last summer and had so much fun and I also saw their 4th of July show this summer.  Don't call me a groupie.  We kept giggling during the show and commenting on how cute some of the boys were (I say boy b/c they are all around 20 - gasp)!  They are all very talented and put on a great show.  Afterwards we went to The Naked Oyster for a drink.  I had a cantaloupe martini.  It smelled so good but tasted kind of weird.  It remind us both of body lotion and I felt like it coated my mouth.  It wasn't horrible, I still drank the whole thing but next time I would try something else.

Saturday I was pretty lazy alllllllll day.  I watched tv, read blogs, took a nap, etc.  It was great.  We did run out to a local shoe store and I got a really cute pair of sandals.  Saturday night Jaime and I had big plans for a "fancy" night out.  We were going to hit a couple of the most expensive places on the Cape for drinks.  We started out at The Chatham Bars Inn.  If you've never heard of it I suggest your take a look at their website.  Super nice resort in Chatham.  Also VERY expensive.  Jaime and I sat on the lawn in saw adirondack chairs and enjoyed a glass of wine.  We had a nice time listening to other people's conversations (for example a father saying to his daughter, "tomorrow you can play tennis while the boys golf and then afterwards we can go para sailing again.") Yup these people have money.  Must be nice.  We can just afford to visit and have a glass of wine!  Probably the funniest part of the time there (to us anyways) was a group of 4 men who sat behind us and one of them was drinking a purple martini w/ blueberries floating in it.  We made sure to give him a hard time.  I guess that is why they didn't offer to buy us a drink.  Haha!

I was hoping I wouldn't get arrested for climbing into this fancy car for a photo opp (by the way it wasn't easy b/c I had to climb over the door in my long dress)!  We also checked out the "beach bar" across the street (but also part of the resort) but it was closed for a wedding.  We were going to crash but thought better of it.

Our next stop was at The Wequassett Inn.  Chatham Bars and Wequassett have a little rivalry going on. . . based on last night's experience only my vote goes to Wequassett.  Here's why: great seats at the bar, friendly bartender, delicious food,'ve.ever.had., fire pit, shared meal served on separate plates, awesome outdoor bar, great views of pool/ocean and've.ever.had.  If you've read my blog for a while you know how much I love my martinis!  Well let me tell you this one was DELICIOUS.  It tasted like a frozen colada in a martini glass but w/o being frozen and filling.  It has banana, coconut and pineapple flavors all swirled together to be so good.  I can't wait to go back again for another one.  We weren't that hungry so we ordered one meal and casually mentioned we would be sharing it.  It was served on two separate plates with 1/2 a sandwich each, plenty of french fries, brown gravy for dipping, cole slaw and a pickle.  I would have been happy if it had all come on 1 plate but this presentation was way better.  So all in all a great place and we had a lot of fun.  I already told my mom we are going there next time I'm on the Cape.  Only disappointment of the night was no Adam Sandler sightings.  He is filming a movie on the Cape and rumor was that he was at the Hyannis movie theatre w/ his wife and kids earlier in the day.  We were hoping to see him but no such luck. P.S. Jaime's martini was good too and yes I tasted it.

Today it was pouring rain all day here.  When it rains on the Cape there really isn't a whole lot to do.  So the "cottage people" were all out shopping!  I had been wanting to go to the JFK Museum in Hyannis so we did (along w/ everyone else).  I'll be blogging about my visit there soon.  Also in the same building is the Cape Cod Baseball League Museum and Hall of Fame.  For those of you who don't know the Cape Cod Baseball League is pretty huge and a lot of Major League baseball players played here before being drafted.  Also my father is an umpire for the league which we all think is pretty cool!  And no the Cape Cod League is really nothing like what the movie "Summer Catch" makes it look like!  The museum is very nice.  We had a nice visit and then did a little shopping afterwards.

Tonight I went to dinner at The_Yarmouth_House with my parents and my grandmother, "Ma" who is visiting from Florida.  We had a nice dinner.  I had Chicken and Butternut Squash Ravioli and it was pretty good.  My martini was so/so - called a Purple People Eater or something or other.  Ma got lobster.  She was pretty happy w/ her martini and lobster and you can tell by the look on her face.

Still on the Cape tonight.  Watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees and hopefully take over first place where they belong.  One more day here tomorrow before I go back to reality.


  1. All I can say is that I am SOOO jealous!

  2. Looks like so much fun! And I LOOOOOVE that maxi dress!! Where did you get it??

  3. Oh, and we're not gonna talk about the baseball weekend. Sigh...

  4. Looks like a blast :) Happy to have found your blog :) New follower!

  5. I'm with Katie--that dress is gorgeous!! I'd love to know where you got it too.