Tuesday, August 9, 2011

6 Month Post-Op & Dog Urine Fun Fact

This morning I have my 6 month post-op apt w/ my ENT doctor.  I can't believe it has been 6 months since I had my sinus surgery.  Things are still not perfect and my ears still have issues w/ feeling "blocked" but things for the most part are better.  EXCEPT there is still one issue that my doctor wants to fix.  He explained that at this point all of the swelling has gone done and my nose is healed but I still have a lot of inflammation in my nasal passage due to 2 spots that are too big.  So he needs to shrink them.  Fortunately it is an in office procedure - quick and easy he says!  Sign me up!  Maybe someday I'll be able to breathe easier and not have constant congestion and headaches. 

He also recommended for me to see an allergist.  I agree that this is a good plan especially in light of the reactions I've been having to many dogs.  Here is the fun fact. . . people are allergic to dog saliva and dog urine not dander.  Can you believe that?  Too funny.  So this may be why I react more to my brother's dog who is still a puppy and licks me all over!  And as for the urine part - well dogs lick themselves and then lick us so you get the idea.  Gross.  The allergist is not taking new patients but since I'm being referred by my ENT I should be able to get in.  I guess they have an agreement and refer patients to each other regularly.  Still waiting for a call back on that one.  Follow up w/ ENT in 2 months for said procedure.  Oh and the fun goes on. . . .

Oh and while I was waiting outside for my car I saw my MS neurologist which reminded me that I need to make an apt w/ him too.  Looks like I may need to take a day off for all these apts!


  1. I'm not sure I can ever let a dog lick me ever again. I never thought about that!! :)

    Hope this all works out for you soon, I'm sure you ready to breathe easier!

    Have a good day!!


  2. You're in high demand!! And that is really weird about the dog urine. I bet you anything I will store that fun fact for next time I have an awkward silence with someone.

  3. Ew. I don't know if that qualifies as a "fun fact!" Hahaha. But, I certainly hope that you can breathe again very soon!! :)